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Postby hoshin » Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:03 am

i found a martial art school near my home and they claim to be a system called Sikaran. a phillipino art. i have looked on line for a history however there is very little info.

( i understand this may offend some so Bill feel free to delete or modify this post if i step out of bounds)

i am interested in this art if it is legit, after watching a few youtube videos and trying to do online searches for a history and i get the usuall,,,,poor looking kata and a history of ,,,well it was an oral tradition and all the masters have died off,, the history was lost...

the local school is promoting more of a defensive tactics program. i organize a group dedicated to true defensive tactic learning. if this is a legit system it might be worth looking into however it dosent look promising and would hate to bring this guy in if its all bull.

anyone out there know about this art?

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