A Job for Sarah

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A Job for Sarah

Postby Jason Rees » Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:34 am

[url=http://norpoints.blogspot.com/2010/11/change-i-can-believe-in.html]Change I Can Believe In

It's time for a change. It's time for Michael Steele to step down. The long path of painful stumble after awful gaffe needs to come to an end.

Michael Steele was supposed to bring a 'hip-hop makeover' to the RNC. He was supposed to make inroads in the cities. He was supposed to make the party viable in the northeast and inner cities. He was supposed to energize and add to the base. He was supposed to provide guidance and leadership. He was supposed to be the 'chief messenger,' the 'chief fundraiser.' He was supposed to expand the Tent that Reagan Built. He was supposed to set the agenda. He has failed. Instead, the Tea Party raised the funds, and set the agenda. The Republican Party still has dismal levels of support among minorities. The only time we hear about Michael Steele, is when he's put his foot in his mouth.

I have a solution. It may be painful. I can think of only one person who has proven that they can raise funds like nobody's business. One person who can energize the base. One person who, despite policy differences, can connect with people face-to-face. One person who is charismatic, energetic, and had an impressive record of backing the right horses in the races of the last two years. One person who has taken advantage of social media to get their message out, and just as important, who can get people to hear that message.

That person is Sarah Palin. I know, it sounds crazy. The Republican Party would be handing the keys to the standard-bearer of the Wingnuts on the right. But bear with me. She has proven organizational skills. The RNC would be flush with cash like never before. She CAN get the word out. When was the last time the media covered anything but the gaffes of the RNC chair? Sarah Palin isn't just news. She makes news.

Just as importantly, it would give her a mission besides Sarah-building. She would actually have a responsibility to improve the RNC, instead of lobbing verbal missiles at it. It would build her credibility in the future, or sink it entirely. If Sarah Palin doesn't move to do something constructive soon, she's going to start losing momentum, and I think she knows it. It's time to sink or swim. I hope she'll swim.

I'd like to see an RNC chair make progress with the minority demographics and in inner-city politics. I'd like to see them get a handle on the Tea Party as a valuable player at the table, but not let them be the only player. I'd like to see the RNC go on the offensive with a broad plate of policies designed to bring back the economy, remove cumbersome regulations and taxes, and bring entitlement and military spending back under control. If Sarah can make the case that she can do these things, then I'd consider it a bonus.[/quote]
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