New Year Note from a Friend

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New Year Note from a Friend

Postby Bill Glasheen » Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:51 pm

Those who know him understand that he's one of North America's treasures of Uechi Ryu. There's a little bit of Tomoyose Ryuko in Darin.

- Bill

Darin Yee wrote:
Respected Friend,

Before I leave my office for the rest of this year I want to write and wish you a very happy new year. As an educated and experienced martial artist, I realized 50 years ago respect, honor, integrity, honesty, courage, humility and tolerance are the greatest assets one can possess. In most cases we may never be judged by our strength and speed. Our mental and spiritual aspect of training is every bit as important as our physical.

The importance of studying martial arts is the actual study itself and not the page marker to demonstrate our distance from our intended goals because we should always be content with what we’ve already accomplished.

I am taking a moment to look over my shoulders and saying “good job”. Now I’ll be looking forwards and try to visualize what I can do to be a better, kinder more understanding person.

Until we meet again, Happy New Years and may all good thing be there for you.

Darin Yee
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