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Postby km » Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:13 am

to reply to a topic in the above section but it is for moderators ... so if commenting on it is inappropriate please delete the post... :) I'd get it:)

Regarding sanchin and Tiger Trainings etc.

In Dana's first post- the first way of the training students.. just the form... I've done that... then I bring them up using the other katas... to show the next level so to speak of sanchin

(i.e. kanchiwa *sorry Mr. G if I am killing the spelling of that word* I teach the form of sanchin- the moves- then go for more power within sanchin after teaching kanchiwa.. then closer to seichin *again please sp?* back off on the hardness so to speak of the outside body- no punchy chop chop- but strong without tension- so I guess speed- more- with the power exploding at the end* nothing- then everything* split second - converted to sanchin- same thing exploding / soft strikes- with precision ) but that didn't sound like the hard tiger training that came second- after the forms- is this incorrect or like a different teaching style maybe?


meaning harder in a way-= but not too punchy/choppy I guess, but with more strength... just like conditioning it so to speak I guess... up to... which I haven't hit yet-= what sounded like a half hard half soft sanchin-

And I mean to say that a sanchin that doesn't look hard- or tense and the movements are flowing as easily as water but if one hit something would devastate the receiver- mushin for performer/as well as practicing it

did that make sense? Did it apply to your thread up there? I was thinking about the really hard hard three different sanchins too- and it made me think that maybe being able to do sanchin just in any and all ways- as a goal so to speak- would be the way to train thus- teach- so all thee ways would be good to know right?

am I close? or were you talking about something and I'm thinking of it in the wrong context- I'm not a moderator- but I teach so I thought I'd be my bold self and ask about it lol.

Would love thoughts- from everyone on teaching sanchin "s"

k~ :)
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Postby Bill Glasheen » Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:32 pm

Welcome to the forums!

I'm not sure what post you are referring to, so I can't help. But you are welcome to join the fray and speak your mind.

- Bill
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Postby km » Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:43 pm

Hi Mr. Glasheen, I hope things are treating you well...

Tiger Training in the basic drills above:

So in Uechi I've noticed that there is a kind of arc to the sanchin training and I'm curious about what other people believe.

Initial training - no muscle tension - just form with the teacher pushing on the student to develop their balance and coordination
Tiger training - very hard sanchin with lots of internal and external muscle development - supplemented by jar training

Some would say that these are the only two levels of sanchin - that sanchin training must always be hard...in the sense that the entire body is worked and tensed while at the same time the teacher continues to push on the student to build their balance and coordination as well as checking for places where the student could enhance this development. Narahiro Shinjo embodies this kind of sanchin in my mind.

And then there seems to be a third sanchin - one that is encouraged after many years of hard tiger training where the student is asked to maintain the same quantitative values of the stance (lots of power, great balance) but with much less visible external muscle tension.


is the post Iw as referring to.

I keep trying to do the very best I can.
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