China Trip

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China Trip

Postby gmattson » Sun Sep 20, 1998 1:36 pm

Just received this email from Simon. If there is any interest in supporting this trip, please post here.
Hi George,
How's things?
How was camp (need I ask!)?
Busy busy busy here - working two jobs, researching, teaching, and keeping my wife happy! How many are intersted in the Fuzhou trip next year? (perhaps you could put out a request for a "show of hands" (as it were) so that I can have some idea. As I said before, it would be nice to be there for the old man's 94th birthday, but January might prove a bad time, what with the family committments and work-loads of the American people. February might prove more agreeable for them.
I would suggest Okinawa first THEN Fuzhou (for resaerch/ammunition purposes). In consideration of expenses, the other option might be to forgo Oki altogether, and focus solely upon Fuzhou.Drop me a few lines When time permits.


Simon Lailey
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China Trip

Postby Bill Glasheen » Sun Sep 20, 1998 6:08 pm

To All

If I can get permission from the family....I will be the first in line for this trip.

Funny...I really never asked to be part of this Fuzhou Supraempei (Yibailingbabu) form. George sent me a tape of Simon doing it. I guess he felt I could reflect and share some "Uechi" interpretations of this form at camp. For grins, I "learned" it (as good as you can do that from an impromptu VHS taping). Then Simon didn't show up for camp and I was asked to "replace" him (I nearly soiled my britches when George suggested this). Several years and several visits with Simon later, Bill Jackson and I are about ready to publish version one of this form to the public.

So....seeing as how I ended up here, it only makes sense for me to meet and thank this man in person. Perhaps we can bring Bill Jackson along? If not, well maybe my next impersonation will be of a cameraman. Whatever it takes!

Count me in.

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