The Post Modern Dojo

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The Post Modern Dojo

Postby Robb in Sacramento » Tue Oct 06, 1998 4:33 am

For those of us surfing in cyber space, the prospects of the next generation dojo may seem more interesting than addressing gang bangers.

I have suggested to some instructors in town that the future of karate will be individual booths where students will study in vertual reality. In this dojo, one may choose to study with a wide array of "masters" who have logged their lessons into our computer system.

The student can be given occasional critique from the his or her instructor(s) of choice via either video tape, or more likely, CD rom. Virtual video teleconferencing will replace group workouts, and allow people around the word to attend summer camp like events without leaving home.

Now, as long as the student only faces virtual reality opponents, everything will be fine.

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