Nick Cerio

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Nick Cerio

Postby gmattson » Thu Oct 08, 1998 2:58 am

I just learned that Nick Cerio died this morning from Cancer! Anyone know funeral arrangements.

Nick was a great person and gifted martial artist. He will be missed by all.
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Nick Cerio

Postby evanpantazi » Thu Oct 08, 1998 12:13 pm


I studied with Professor several years ago recieving a 4th Dan level. I will be making the appropriate calls for information today and will let you know. I plan on making the cerimony.

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Nick Cerio

Postby Scott Danziger » Thu Oct 08, 1998 3:07 pm

Though I have heard his name before, I did not know Professor Cerio and I'm sure some others who visit this site haven't either, so I looked him up on the web and came across <a href="">Grandmaster Professor Nick Cerio</a>

My condolances to his family, friends, students, and the martial art world.

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Nick Cerio

Postby Raffi Derderian » Thu Oct 08, 1998 4:35 pm

I don't know about cancer. I know the Prof Cerio had a stroke a few weeks ago. I will check with my Kenpo teacher this afternoon and update everyone with the details. The loss of Cerio is a trememdous one to Kenpo as well as the martial arts.
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Nick Cerio

Postby david » Fri Oct 09, 1998 1:00 am

I can't say I knew Professor Nick Cerio personally. But he represented to me an earlier, pioneering generation of the New England karate scene. Gis were mostly cotton, white, black or "salt and pepper". The weekend tournaments sanctioned by the New England Karate Referee Association (NEKRA) and the later Karate Referee Association of New England (KRANE) were the "meeting ground" of the martial arts "community" and the "proving ground" of the dojo warrior. A number of times I stood before Professor Cerio to await his "call" in the ring, or his judgment along with that his peers on the kata demonstration floor. Lose, place or win, I bowed in deference to his decision and his judgment. He and many of his generation commanded our respect for the paths they created and the foundation they built for the generations to come.

I bowed again in his memory and to his legacy.


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Nick Cerio

Postby Van Canna » Fri Oct 09, 1998 2:54 am

Nick Cerio was a true 'warrior' of the sixties …as formidable a fighter as they come and yet a very gentle soul and extremely friendly and respectful ! He made it to the temple of honor by rare merit in not pulling others down but by raising himself in virtue without interrupting others in the same pursuit of excellence !

As we competed alongside each other in the 'battles of the sixties ' Nick was always there to help and encourage and lend his prestigious skills with which he would so easily conquer his foes !

" Death to a good man is but passing through a dark entry , out of one little dusky room of his father's house , into another that is fair and large , lightsome and glorious , and divinely entertaining "[Clarke]!

Goodbye my friend , the temple of fame will stand upon your grave in embrace of your valiant but dead heart !

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Nick Cerio

Postby Evan Pantazi » Fri Oct 09, 1998 5:59 am

Professor Nicholas Cerio

It is with great sorrow that I inform you that Grand-Master Professor Nick Cerio
passed away yesterday, Wednesday October 7, 1998, at Kent hospital in Rhode
Island.  He had sircome to cancer, and was 62.  He was surrounded by family,
friends and his Black Belts at the time of his passing and was not alone.

Professor Cerio was much more then a Martial Arts instructor, to many
he was a symbol of strength and integrity, mentor, inspiration and friend;
and to his Black Belts a second father.  Professor Cerio accomplished in one
life time what would take others many generations.  He was loved and respected
by all who know him.  Professor Cerio has touched thousands throughout his
many years of teaching, and will be greatly missed. -Sensei Paul J. Micciche

Wake to be held at Thomas & Walter Quinn Funeral Home:

2435 Warwick Avenue, Warwick RI

Friday October 9th 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm.
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