Sifu Ricard Mooney

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Sifu Ricard Mooney

Postby evanpantazi » Tue Oct 20, 1998 11:52 am

Glasheen Sensei,

I hope this post is not an intrusion, but I know you support the investigation of this Man and his claims. Since the first posting I have arranged for Sifu Mooney to come to Massachusetts to prove his Claims. This will not be a clinical testing as I am not aware of a testing procedure for this skill, but rather a come feel if it's for real. The following is the information:

Richard Mooney will be holding a seminar in North Andover, Massachusetts - Saturday November 9th from 1 - 4 pm. Seminar cost is $35.00 we will limit the seminar to 40 or 50
Participants, first come first serve. he will be demonstrating and teaching his "Empty Force" methods. Call Evan Pantazi at (978) 686 - 0025 or email at we will find out if it's real or not!

The seminar is almost full, We have 4 spaces left. This promises to be a very interesting seminar, we will find out if this man actually can move people from a distance with his energy, (dare I say Chi).
Check out the pictures on:

This also includes Directions to the school and a registration form.
Evan Pantazi
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Sifu Ricard Mooney

Postby Bill Glasheen » Wed Oct 21, 1998 5:52 am

Evan san

Your post is by no means an intrusion. I welcome all posts of interest to martial artists. And I am particularly interested in the frontiers.

No doubt this will create controversy. But the more exposure these gentlemen receive, the easier it will be for the truth to rise to the surface. I support an initiative - even if flawed - that is a sincere effort at discovery. Over the long haul we will all get a chance to observe and interact.

If these gentlemen are sincere, they will not need to control the venue, nor will they need to select the audience via attempted intimidation of skeptics. Pay special attention to this and to how money flows in their world. I'm confident that our collective body of practitioners will absorb what is useful.

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