Interesting Uechi Article

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Interesting Uechi Article

Postby Scott Danziger » Sun Nov 01, 1998 3:23 pm

While scouring the web for websites for the hot links area, I came across an interesting article on Uechi ryu on one of the Isshinryu web sites (<a href="">Sanchin Dojo</a>). Apparently this Marine, Zane Legg, went to Okinawa to cross train in Uechi ryu. He wrote an interesting article on his experience. Check it out! When entering the site it will be located in the left frame, or try this link: <a href="">Uechi Article</a>. There are also pics in this article.

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Interesting Uechi Article

Postby moulton » Mon Nov 02, 1998 10:13 pm

Been to his site before. Possibly Sensei Advincula on that site is the same one who is a close friend of Rod Mindlin.

Interesting Uechi Article

Postby evanpantazi » Tue Nov 03, 1998 11:41 am

In the article I noted that Mr. Legg included a statement about how all the strikes were to specific parts of the anatomy. Does anyone know Mr. Legg as to have him post the specifics of some target zones, I would love to know where they would most likely want to strike their opponents. This could give greater insights to Uechi Kata.

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