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Postby gmattson » Wed Nov 25, 1998 7:35 pm

And Jason. . . I shall lift a small snifter of 16 year old Lagavulin Islay Malt. . . in a toast to you, a true gentleman and martial artist. Thank you for your participation and words of wisdom.

And a second toast to everyone else on these forums. Have a happy Thanksgiving.
ps.. The Scotch was a gift from David Mott! A special toast to him and Bobbie. . .
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Postby Van Canna » Thu Nov 26, 1998 4:23 am

Yes Jason ,

You area true gentleman!

"Gentility is neither in birth , wealth , manner or fashion -but in the mind . A high sense of honor , a determination never to take mean advantage of another , an adherence to truth , delicacy and politeness towards those with whom we have dealings , are its essential characteristics."

The above describes you very well ! Happy Holiday to you and family!

Van Canna
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Postby Jason Bernard » Thu Nov 26, 1998 5:03 am


To the Uechi-Ryu clan. I hope all of you have a happy Thanksgiving and hope that you have much to be thankful for. Please convey my "Osu!" to your family and loved ones.

I personally am very thankful for this and the other forums. Although there are periodic intrusions of "cyber martial artists" the large portion of discussion here is between the real thing (just through the cyber medium). In today's martial community there is a tendancy for various styles to try to rise themselves to the top of the hill and claim that others are mere play. I think it says much of the Uechi-Ryu style that its seniors would have such an open forum and openly welcome people (like myself) from other styles who wish to share and learn openly in an intelligent, pleasant and honourable way. I am again very thankful for this. I have and continue to learn much here and hope that I contribute in some way (however small or large) to each of your journeys as you have to mine.

I truly feel a great brotherhood with other martial artists. And I think that kinship that we can all feel is truly a part of the finest martial tradition (cultivation of spirit to create peace and harmony among men).

Osu, happiness, and a full belly to you all!

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Postby david » Thu Nov 26, 1998 11:39 am

May we all have something to be thankful for, today and the days that follow...

eat well.

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Postby moulton » Thu Nov 26, 1998 4:35 pm

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all. -- Allen

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