Mass licence plate

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Mass licence plate

Postby Kevin Mackie » Mon Nov 30, 1998 9:29 pm

Not that it really matters but.. does anyone know who has the MA car with UECHI tag I was behind recently?

Kevin Mackie
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Mass licence plate

Postby Greg » Mon Nov 30, 1998 10:27 pm

No, but I was behind that guy too at some point... and who's that guy with the "Karate" plate anyway (hah, hah). I once was behind a car with a plate that said "Nidan." I figured either he never planned to test again, or maybe "Sandan, Yondan, Godan" etc., were all taken!

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Mass licence plate

Postby moulton » Tue Dec 01, 1998 2:19 am

I've seen that KARATE plate around somewheres too. I'll bet he got that one early in the season.

Mass licence plate

Postby miked » Tue Dec 01, 1998 8:08 am

The license plate belongs to Sensei Carmine DiRamio of Quincy, MA. Carmine has been teaching uechi-ryu for over 30 years. He ran a school with the late Forrest Sanborn and was one of my original instructors. Carmine is a retired police officer from the city of Quincy. The last I heard he was still training with George Mattson.

Carmine used to give us pushups for blinking. He ran one very tough class.

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