Jr. Shodan Exam in Richmond

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Jr. Shodan Exam in Richmond

Postby gmattson » Fri Dec 04, 1998 10:56 pm

Bill Glasheen sent me a video of Richman's first Jr. Shodan examination, held on December 2, 1998. Bill sent it to me as a courtesy, as he knows that I trust his judgement in any test conducted by him.

I was most impressed with Amir Abu Jaber's performance. He made a few minor technical mistakes, but most importantly, his attitude, dedication, spirit and knowledge were of the highest order. Congratulations to Mr. Jaber and to Bill.

George E. Mattson

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Jr. Shodan Exam in Richmond

Postby RACastanet » Sat Dec 05, 1998 2:27 am

Mattson sensei: I'm very pleased to see this response. I've known Amir and his family for about 6 years since they became involved with Bill. The entire family deserves a Black Belt as well for the support they give Bill. There are two more young Abu-Jabers who will no doubt be testing for the same rank soon, plus a 16 year old friend of theirs.

By the way, I'm the person in the background that let out a loud 'wow' when Amir stood on his sokusens. Amir is one in a hundred, no, maybe one in a thousand.

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