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Postby miked » Wed Dec 30, 1998 3:04 am

Mr. Sigman wrote:

What happens almost everytime is that someone mistakes a hard-style martial art that has "neigung" (which translates as "internal exercises") as implying that the style is "internal". It's a different meaning. "Neijia", the "internal arts" use a unique form of strength that involves re-coordinating the way that the body moves. Sanchin and other White Crane derived exercises are counter to the development of this strength, as is the use of normal muscular movement.

I guess he just wanted to educate all of us in the secret fighting traditions of Tai-Chi. Just to make it clear to any and all who doubt, in my never to be humble opinion ;


Just recently I had the opportunity to train wih our infamous Doctor X over the XMAS holiday. I have a bit more martial arts experience than he so I was able to demonstrate some techniques which he had not yet incorporated into his practice. Were these secrets? Hell no.

Anyone who trains, studies and critically analyzes movements will find what I refer to as "non-obvious applications".

Quick quiz: When is a strike not a strike? When is a block not a block?

The human body can only move in so many ways and whether you classify strength as internal or external really doesn't matter.
What counts (as Van Canna Sensei would remind all of us) is what you can do with the strength.

Just as an aside, my own meaning of "internal strength" has to do with things like character (are you listening Mr. President?), nobility, self-confidence, committed principled living etc.

Now if anyone could give me the 'secret' to generating a "pulsing punch", I would be ever so grateful because a certain California instructor just won't get off my tail about my inadequecies re: this technique.

Thanks for listening.


P.S. I have given away all of my "secrets" to Doctor X and it is likely that he will kick my ass the next time we meet. So if any of you have some really tricky techniques like chi projection or levitation please mail me instructions ASAP. Maybe I can make a believer out of him yet :-)
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