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Postby Lori » Wed Dec 30, 1998 7:06 am

Just a polite request from a "lurker" who is trying to follow the complexity of the recent threads on this forum:

The constant copying and pasting of comments from one post to another is, for me at least, confusing. It gets harder and harder to tell who is actually making the comments I am reading at the time. I would suggest 2 things:

1) Don't copy any more than necessary! Outside of the confusion it causes - it makes the thread tedious and unweildy by adding unnecessary weight!

2) If you find you cannot resist copying and pasting then at least set the quoted text off somehow with some html or ubb codes that will identify the text as repetitive - repetitive repetitive repetitive

I don't mean to sound like your comp and rhet professor - but I believe I'm not the only one becoming perplexed with the proliferation of parroted parlance...

Sorry - couldn't resist.

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Postby Bill Glasheen » Wed Dec 30, 1998 8:32 pm

Dig that alliteration!

Someone's going to have to teach me how to do this italicizing and such. I still haven't got it figured out.

I am flattered and feel honored that you lurk, Lori chan.
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