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 Post subject: essays
PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 1999 2:06 pm 

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Just a thought and a question for those out there who promote students.

I wonder what your thoughts are on the subject of using an essay as a requirement for promotion. Many organization require this for higher ranks. Personally, I came from a school that required it for any testing. I have always used it for promotions to gokyu, sankyu, and dan rankings.

Then reasons I like it are that they allow the student to articulate something of themeselves that they may not be able to at a test. Believe it or not, some people express themselves better using the written word other than the verbal one.

Also, having saved them over the years, I can look back at the development of my students and really look into their mindset concerning the art as it pertains to them.

Now, I do not "grade" the essay, nor do I use it as a pass/fail section of their test. It is simply a requirement that they need in order to take the test. I would suggest those that do not use this to try it. You will find it most interesting. Maybe it is just the school teacher in me, but who knows.

In a rush now, but I would like to hear any/all opinions on the subject.

yours in budo,


 Post subject: essays
PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 1999 12:56 am 

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Hello mike:

I'll try to E-Mail to you again this week.

The Shohei-Ryu "thread" is supposed to have a written test, a portion of which is essay as opposed to oral questions and answers.


 Post subject: essays
PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 1999 1:17 am 
Hi Mike.

I'm a proponent of essays for promotional tests. Makes them think. To me it is a valid test requirement.

I don't grade essays either. Provided the material looks good, like it came from the person assigned (themes and titles are always different), two pages of double-spaced typed prose, and turned in by test night they get an automatic 5.0 (score of 1 to 5).

On occasion I have given written tests, usu. multiple choice, on test night, and always a verbal test. Nothing hard, no trick questions, but they must demonstrate they are knowledgeable concerning the focus of their particular test.

Just knowing they are going to have a written test/essay is enough motivation for them to study as well as practice.

"Knowledge is power."

Allen at [email]uechi@ici.net">uechi@ici.net</A> on <A HREF="http://www.uechi-ryu.org[/email]

 Post subject: essays
PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 1999 1:33 am 
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I agree with you Mike ! There should be a standard questionnaire covering the basic history of Uechi-ryu and a technical description of our forms , ranks and traditions ! Some of the idiotic questions I have heard from test boards plunges the hapless candidate into stygian darkness tilting at windmills !

Van Canna

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