sparring history

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sparring history

Postby mikemurphy » Fri May 21, 1999 10:52 am

Bill and others;

I will ask this question again as well as post it on Steve D's forum, as I have received no answer yet.

What were Kanbun and Kanei Uechi sensei view on jiyu kumite either in competition or simply in the dojo? Did either one of them spar? If so, what were they like? I'm sure there is no one out there who can comment first hand on Kanbun Uechi sensei, however, there is enough of you who had the priviledge and honor of training under the guidance of Kanei Uechi sensei.


Yours in Budo,

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sparring history

Postby Bill Glasheen » Wed May 26, 1999 5:57 am


I don't believe Uechi Kanbun ever thought along the lines of jiyu kumite as people do it today. When you consider where he practiced in China and what people were up to in those have to believe that they were pretty darned serious about fighting, and concerns about lawsuits were far from their minds.

I believe someone like Thompson-sensei would be as good a resource on Uechi Kaneis' views (in the early days) as you are going to get. I'll see what I can dig up indirectly.

-- Bill
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