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The Wilson Karate School Store is now OPEN!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 5:22 am
by Rick Wilson

The “Wilson Karate School Store” is now open.

There is a link on our main page:

Or go directly to the store:

While the “Student T-Shirts” are intended for WKS students and IUPA members there is a great selection of men and women T-Shirts that might appeal to all Uechi practitioners.

There are a variety of shirts with a beautiful representation of the Uechi three animals created by a talent artist.

There are shirts with the WKS school logo having the three animals within the “3 comma” symbol. Unlike the student shirts these have no writing so it represents Uechi Ryu and not just my school.

There are also shirts with the Uechi Ryu calligraphy.

But that is not all; there are also baseball caps and coffee mugs with Uechi Ryu calligraphy on one side and either Dragon, Crane, Tiger or the WKS logo. And a few other fun items.

There will be more products added as my daughter continues to expand and create.

Also coming soon – Training Manuals

So check out the Wilson Karate School Store.