10/17/98 Kyusho-Modern Arnis - Small Circle Jujitsue Seminar

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10/17/98 Kyusho-Modern Arnis - Small Circle Jujitsue Seminar

Postby gmattson » Fri Sep 25, 1998 2:20 pm

Dear Martial Artist,

We have developed a totally new concept, dynamic integration training that

The effortless power of Kyusho-Jitsu! The trapping and blinding speed of Modern Arnis!
The flow and control of Small Circle Jujitsu!

It is the First Integrated Training Program ever for the arts of: (KYUSHO) - (MODERN ARNIS) - (SMALL CIRCLE JUJITSU)


Sensei Ed MeLaugh
Master of Jujitsu
Soke Dai: Small Circle JuJitsu
(Inheritor of Small Circle JuJitsu)
(will teach how to overwehlm & control)

Sifu Alix Lavaud
Master of Modern Arnis and Turning Style Wing Chun Kung Fu (will teach you fast hand skills)

Shihan Evan Pantazi
Master Level Kempo Kyusho Jitsu
(will teach you just where to strike)

This exciting new concept is designed to bring you into a whole new dimension in your Martial Arts training. You will learn how
to integrate the 3 of the most effective, adaptive and exciting Arts into one process. You will increase your entering, control
and your ability to incapacitate an opponent. The course will included Weapon Training, Joint Locks, Takedowns, Controls, Submissions and Pressure Point Attacks. You won't want to miss this opportunity to fine tune and expand your Martial Arts skills and knowledge. The seminar will definitely help you understand advanced fighting concepts better and bring you to a higher level. Due to the space and material that will be
presented, we have a strict limit on the number of participants we will accept. Preregistration is highly recommended.
After the limit is reached your name will be added to a waiting list

Saturday October 17th 1:00 - 4:00 pm

at New England Small Circle Jujitsu - 2 Merrill Street Woburn,
special rates for D.K.I. / I.A.F. / S.C.J.I. members For more information on seminars email kyusho@erols.com or visit http://www.erols.com/kyusho/events.htm or call (978) 686 - 0025

Directions to New England Small Circle JuJitsu - (781) 932 - 9366

From Points North Route I-93 S to exit 36 (Montvale Ave). Right off exit.Take 1st Left at the Getty Station. Left at 1st stop sign. Road bears Right. 1st Left onto Merrill Street. 2nd Building in rear (2nd floor

From Points South
Route I-93 N to exit 36 (Montvale Ave). Left off exit. Straight through Lights. Take 1st Left at the Getty Station. Left at 1st stop sign. Road bears Right. 1st Left onto Merrill Street. 2nd Building in rear (2nd

Yours in the Arts,
Evan Pantazi
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10/17/98 Kyusho-Modern Arnis - Small Circle Jujitsue Seminar

Postby evanpantazi » Mon Oct 19, 1998 12:19 pm

To those of the Uechi Family (10) in attendance at the Dynamic Integration Training seminar, as well as all in attendance, thank you for your support.

The training started with Sifu Lavaud (Master of Arnis) working with weapons and their range, to give use a mapping of the angles of attack. He blended into proper motion in response to these invasive motions.

Next Sensei Ed MeLaugh (Master of JuJitsu) worked with closing the gap further with amazing control over the opponent. You Uechi guys that attended noticed that he closed the gap with Sanchin with awesome speed and power.

Evan Pantazi then came in to fine tune the strike zones, showing how if your going to hit something you may as well have a good target for greater result. Also handling some of the "what if your technique goes wrong" or the individual gets past your skill.

The 3 hour planned time ran to almost 4 as the excitement and the continuous switching of ideas flowing from the 3 instructors brought the idea of transitional flow from skill to skill to cope with more variables that are sure to happen in real combat.

The comradery was fantastic as everyone blended, and the instructors explained what more of the realities in a street situation would be. Everyone ended wanting more.
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