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Postby gmattson » Tue Aug 08, 2000 4:15 pm

Van Sensei wrote a fitting tribute to all Uechi practitioners who will again miss camp. . . Perhaps "enlightened" by his eloquent post, our phones, fax and e-mail have been going non-stop for the past couple of days. A number of teachers have been coming out of the woodwork, saying they were planning on "dropping in" if they had an opportunity!

Sorry... but if you aren't pre-registered, don't bother! This is the one big event of the year and attending, is the only favor I ask of the teachers. "Dropping in if you have a chance" isn't doing me or you any favors!

For those who still plan on "dropping-in", you will be charged a $100 CASH Daytripper fee! (a number of bounced checks from last year "drop-ins" adorn my wall!)

No acceptions! Special Name Tags are admission tickets to all events.

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Postby Van Canna » Wed Aug 09, 2000 1:29 am

GEM –sensei
We have learned the hard way over the long years that the “drop ins if they have a chance” are there only to criticize the camp and then rationalize reasons why they did not commit to attend!

They also want a free ride on all the excitement without having to pay the price of admission.
Lots of attendees resent the swaggering “drop ins” to check things out, to say “hi” to their friends etc.

I suggest an internal “welcome committee” only too glad to kick out the “drop ins”!

And the bounced checks, ha! Speaks very highly of their deadbeat “traditional values”!

Get tough with these people; we don’t need them to spoil the grand party!

Van Canna
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