Big Thanks to GEM & Susan!

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Big Thanks to GEM & Susan!

Postby david » Tue Aug 15, 2000 11:38 am

I was remissed in not acknowledging and thanking George sensei and Susan for their hard work in pulling the camp together.

GEM continues to inspire with his dedication to Uechi-Ryu and his commitment to students/practitioners who want to share. His is an example of how openmindedness is not betrayal to a root style but the exact opposite: a search for depth and breadth... Many fine teachers in the Uechi system are following in that path of study, practice, test and reciprocal exchange. We the students and practitioners are that much more fortunate. Sometimes more than we recognize.

I know George sensei worked so hard this year he missed his first Sanchin in the morning in a long, long while. Image Susan had to go home at one point to get some sleep so she could work another full day doing camp logistics.

I know others helped too... but I want to thank "Big Keith." He puts in a good day and always with a smile. He was ready in the wings to help if I got hurt. Luckily, not me this year.

Less than a year to go for the next camp. Put it on the calendar now. Image

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Big Thanks to GEM & Susan!

Postby gmattson » Tue Aug 15, 2000 9:53 pm

Hey... I was just a few minutes late David! Image

So my record remains unblemished!!!!

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