This camp was the Best of the Best

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This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby Allen M. » Mon Aug 14, 2000 3:55 am

The subject line says it all.

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Allen M.

This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby david » Mon Aug 14, 2000 11:43 am

The camp does seem to get better each and every year for me.

I enjoyed the immersion into the arts where outside concerns can really be left behind.

I cherished the opportunity to practice and sit with my dojo brothers and sisters, some of whom I have known for 3/4 of my life now.

I valued the opportunity to meet and train with new partners who, though from different places and backgrounds, share my crazy passion.

I was honored to be in the presence of those seniors who came before us and continue to blaze the way for us.

I was heartened by the spirit of sharing and giving that permeated across dojo and stylistic lines and geographic and linguistic boundaries.

I respect the varied manifestations of the warrior spirit and culture.

I loved the act of breaking bread.

I was grateful for the many opportunities to move this aging body. Yes. Use it or lose it.

Amazing Grace it was for the glory of the sea, wind, sunshine, clouds, moon and stars and our moment to share in them together.


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This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby Kevin Mackie » Mon Aug 14, 2000 1:39 pm

My first camp, so I don't have anything to gauge it against, but I had BLAST!

Kudos to all the great instructors who came from all over creation to share their talents with those who wanted to learn and grow in this great global martial pastime.

And to all the new friends I met, Domo Arigato for the warm welcome and the great company.

And to George Sensei, the lovely Susan, and their staff and assistants who made this whole experience possible, thank you! (mighty big bow)


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Kevin Mackie
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This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby RACastanet » Mon Aug 14, 2000 9:45 pm

The same goes for me. However, GEM may be displeased with me..... a green room key fell out of my pocket when I got home.
Rich C.
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This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby mikemurphy » Tue Aug 15, 2000 3:54 am

To all,

Now I haven't been to all the camps (not my fault), but I have been to quite a few, and I will tell you right now that Camp 2000 was the best I have been to.

Sensei Mattson and Susan did another great job. I hope both of you get a lot of rest and relaxation before tackling the next big project. Regardless, you have my support!!

A special kudos to those students and instructors who passed their prospective tests during the weekend. The under godan ranks did great and the "Saturday Night Group" was awe-inspiring. I hope that we can all live up to those standards as well.

Thanks to all the people who gave demonstrations and worked so hard to assure that we would all have something to take home to our dojo to tell our unfortunate classmates or students who couldn't make it.

And last of all, thanks to everyone you took the time to share one, two, or three days out of their busy schedules to either teach or be taught (or both). YOU are what make the camp successful. I hope everyone of you go back to your dojo and start thinking about next year's camp. Be a part of it all!!

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This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby Allen M. » Tue Aug 15, 2000 6:59 am


George's summer camps get a little better every year, and this one is REALLY something to brag about to your students.


Now that you are a seasoned camper, next year will be like picking berries. You'll get even so much more out of it.
Allen M.

This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby DavidT » Tue Aug 15, 2000 3:04 pm

I hope I'm doing this right. My name is David Talley from Florida. This was my first camp but I assure everyone it will not be my last. Sensei Mattson and his wife Suzan are wonderful hosts. They made me feel welcome at camp and at their home, and for that I can only say thank you. There wasn't one thing I didn't enjoy about the camp, well the mattress kind of hurt my back, but other then that it was great. I believe "Wicked Awsome" would be the best way to put it. Even though I had never me anyone there we all had a common bond and that made everyone feel like a "new" old friend. I had never been exposed to Uechi-ryu out side of Tallahassee, but when I got there it was like being with people with the same last name. I could could go on and on about this but y'all(thats southern for you's guys) were there and I'm sure feel the same way. I think if you don't feel that way then you are a "Jamoke". Not real sure what a "Jamoke is,but I think it means Jack A--. Speaking of "Jamokes" I can't enter my first post about my first camp without mentioning the BAND MASTER and thank him for squeeeezing me into his schedule. Well I geuss thats all I have to say on that so I geuss I'll do some work...since I'm already here and all. See you all at Winterfest.

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This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby gmattson » Wed Aug 16, 2000 4:29 pm

I tried to post the camp pictures yesterday, but the links weren't working. Fixed the problem and created a new link. Check them out! If anyone has any more pictures they would like included, please email them to me.

Thanks to all who attended Camp2000 and helped make it such a wonderful event. We have already booked the Academy for the 2nd weekend in August, 2001. Some of the new changes are:

1. Large tent by the Bell for evening activites and partying. We will have use of the lounge (next to the store) as well!!

2. Use of Fletcher Hall for lectures and demonstrations throughout the three days. Seats 300 with a stage and sound system!!

3. Activities divided on the schedule for:

If anyone has any suggestion to make Camp2001 even better than this year, please contact me asap.

PS. The link to the pictures:

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This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby LenTesta » Wed Aug 16, 2000 6:01 pm

Sensei Mattson

I spent most of my lunch hour today putting my summer camp pictures into thumbnails. I will put the thumbs and full size pictures on floppy disks for you. I will e-mail you when they are ready and you can pick them up at your convenience at the BUKA.

Thanks for stopping by the BUKA for Monday's TC Class. Your presence helped me take my Seisan demonstartion to a higher level.

Len Testa
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This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby Gene DeMambro » Thu Aug 17, 2000 9:34 am

Just when it couldn't get any better...

It's funny how the year went by this time. Here's hoping the anticipation doesn't get the best of me!

Way freakin' cool...
Gene DeMambro
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This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby MYC » Thu Aug 17, 2000 9:01 pm


At the very end of your strike, of course.

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This camp was the Best of the Best

Postby Hutch » Fri Aug 18, 2000 10:35 pm

Hi to all:

Sorry to take so long to post my camp impressions, but better than late than never!

David M.- thanks for the ride to camp from Boston and please thank your wife again for the great Chinese food at your center. You are a dynamic person with a superb attitude. It was a privilege to meet you.

Daniel San - Thanks for being a great roomie. You adapted well to being thrust onto the Nova Scotian floor and soon were indistinguishable from the other fine Canadians in attendance. I know you rode some emotional highs and lows, but you conducted yourself with integrity through it all. I know you have taken home a lot of great material to work and grow with. Please stay in touch.

Greg P.- Thanks for the ride to the airport on Sunday. I regret losing you there in the crowds at Logan-didn't get to have a good-bye beer. (Do the people of Boston know how badly Logan Airport *****?)

Sensei Mattson & Susan - This was my fifth camp in eight years and it was the BEST. Thanks for your ongoing dedication. Please never quit.

J.D. - Interesting to meet you! To elaborate would never do you justice and it would reveal what a poor wit I really am.

To all the others that figured prominently at the camp; instructors, therapists, demonstrators, test candidates, etc...Thank you for coming and making all the "regular" karateka like me realize what a special place and time we were in.

Peace to all,
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