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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 1:21 pm
by maxwell ainley
This is not a mamby pamby training method , because on these forums we are stuck really with concepts it can come across too concept orientated .
But these concepts can be put to use ,such as give more reasons to train ,more food for mind /body, A lot don't think there is a spirit side ,okay .

We think we are awake ,this is the problem that thwarts the puzzle principle reaching the spirit side ,in most people the spirit is fast asleep ,ha but I am fully alert ,and my teacher tells me all I DON'T KNOW and thats not much ,because I will not be convinced that I am not alert .

I have met lots of people who are alert , but after submitting them to a bit of observation there were massive holes in their make up ,normally we only see what we wish to see etc ,this is why we need those search tools ,answers may be thrown around like candy floss at a fair all day long ,but ones own search tools stand out like mount everest at the side of that type of example .
Without search tools there is no real search mode or solving of who we are and our underlying makeup that lies dormant .
The puzzle must stimulate ,provide new food for thought ,break us out of tunnel visions .

Singular is overlooked or we think because we have been training thirty years its already ours ,I think very different on this I have specalised for singular ,and its not easy to obtain it .
If it was so common every one would be writing about it or talking about it ,holding seminars on it ,but they arn't at all .

Singular was developed in the foundation ,because the foundation demanded it ,singular was then given direction other than the foundation ,singular is a torch light that leads us out of dried up dark places we live in and for this topic train in .singular brings new undiscovered aspects of the puzzle before our dimmed eyes that are in need of opening .
Singular gives us renewed search strength ,singular reinforces the human make up .
singular stops holes in that fragile human make up ,with out a understanding of singular the third side of the puzzle will not fully open to us .
singular is a must have ,if you know you dont have it and are honest and don't lie ,take steps to its aquiring .
singular is a treasure thats in our system .


PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2003 10:39 am
by maxwell ainley
No two people come at the puzzle and its impressions in exactly the same way ,introduce the same steps of a process and they are absorbed in different ways ,in this methods highlight principle, is to watch ;now when I in other posts mentioned watching ,it cut across our basic senses and not just the seeing aspect .
In the foundation I tried to awaken these senses,my teaching bypassed the intellect to stimulate the senses instead ,now this is a old method ;and a good reason why I avoid oral instruction in the foundation .
Unless knowledge of how these matters can be developed and given direction ,we would be tempted to ignore them . Well I have not ignored them at all ,because these senses are not developed at all in a balance in man ,we tend to even with sound training devoted to this study to highlight our lopsided use of them .
This is a reason why each student is different in holding a puzzle piece before these senses ,lots of information is missed always when viewing /holding the puzzle .

1] .>>>>>>> seeing

2] >>>> hearing

3].>>>>> touch

4].>> smell/breathing

5].> taste

This picture varys across the spectrum of absorbing the puzzle in each person ; this is just one picture .

The puzzle is food for thought


PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2003 1:50 pm
by maxwell ainley
Basically I have brought a foundational concept forewards into seisan ,I have mentioned they are not in a balanced state but the good point is ;this fact as been honestly recognised .

In reality the senses are used more like this ;

somtimes seeing .on a scale of >>>>>>>>

and little or nothing happening in other senses . nil


touching .>>>>>>>>>>>>

tasting >>>>>>>>>>>>

but nothing happenng in other senses .

But the fact is most people think they are getting the maximum from their own experience ,when in reality its lopsided very very heavily so .

Our pattern we live in will reflect this ,our thoughts etc will follow suit .

If the teaching was directed at thought in the foundation ,at the expense of these wakened up senses ,the methodology would have been heavy verbal and the original method was not .


PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2003 12:35 am
by maxwell ainley
A heavy use of our favorite sense or sense's typically cancels out the others ,my own peculiar lopsided sense was hearing ;I have mentioned this before ,as a kid my father was involved in a long feud with a family ,most nights he insisted on lights out in case of entry ,and also left uncarpeted areas from the two doorways leading in to the house .We lived on a razors edge at times ,this sharpened that sense in my make up ,years later I made steps to balance up things.
Connecting rather than analysis further sharpens the senses in seisan move no1,the foundational developed senses are tested and given priority treatment ,another priorty is the movement will have a developing razors edge

Putting a conditioned edge on these moves so they don't fold is supplemented with ....hand conditioning ,sand on to pebbles ,jars ........makebe gu [twisting device ] etc etc,

So the practical condition weapons always develop inside the puzzle principle.


PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2003 7:59 pm
by maxwell ainley
outer eye see's one thing
<................. /

inner eye can see both ways

<................ ]


PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2003 9:58 am
by maxwell ainley
When attempting to hold the puzzle piece ,early in this process on a give and take basis ,rollercoaster type out of balance sense systems will get patch work results .
The sense system is the doors ,windows to the impressions to the two way viewing of ,sanchin/ seisan .
People in life some times say ,well I am pretty open minded ,without a knowledge of balance in our sense system we closed doors windows to the concept of open mindedness,at any one time impressions are brought to our favorite sense ,or to just a few robbing openess of greater experience .


Inner Focus

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2003 6:18 pm
by Jackie Olsen
What you are referring to Max IMHO is meditative thinking," thinking that "contemplates the meaning which reigns in everything that is." This kind of thinking lies at the heart of what it means to be human, has to do with pondering and waiting, with going beyond our ordinary understanding and attempting to remain open for the truth to manifest.

For the most part, people do not think this way ... the way of meditation or inner focus. Most of our ideas/questions are guided by specialists with ready made answers. This leads to emotional & intellectual fragmentation without understanding what is really going on.

What I must do is ponder, wait, listen and try to go beyond my ordinary understanding and remain open for the truth to become apparent. This requires patience, silence, and just being -- emptying ones mind -- as experienced in high-level sanchins or kata.

Real thinking is developed by recollection, asking the right questions and waiting & being open to the answers when they come...

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2003 8:07 pm
by maxwell ainley
Jackie, a very clear summary ,exellent very very true .

Ordinary understanding is a start ,but most look judge make assumptions from that vantage point ,never really thinking they can aquire better far reaching possibilites for each present moment .

Things that hold us locked in that ordinary state are manyfold ,I was just highlighting a basic out of balance in last few posts .Jackie I talk discuss these matters more these days ,to various folk mostly nothing to do with karate or meditive systems ,if possible I give demonstrations just how much out of balance we can be .
It can be quite amazing the looks on their faces when these things are pointed out ,and how much vital experience is being totally missed in their experience .

One major deception is to think we are in our highest state possible ,and there is nothing above it .

To my own few students I present the situations that indicate they are out of balance first of all sense wise ,this teach's dramatically they are in ordinary low states ,quality balance ,followed by a new type of reception ,it is new make no mistake on this fact ,five channels are opening much better reception now ,Jackie this as been my first great aim for years ,along with the transmission into long term memory of incoming impressions, for this topic sanchin /.

back later max.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2003 8:19 pm
by maxwell ainley
Studying this way I take into account man is fragmented ,yet this can be denied in various ways .
A strong sense of singular involvement over time proves we are very fragmented ,early on we met numerous weakness's that pulled our early resolve to and throw ,we can take these weakness's we possess for granted ,were as if we sat back ,and sort of viewed them as non other than our fragmentation we would start to gain great insight into who we are .

Fragmentation is our patterns ,along with what we think are our strong points ,by discipline to sanchin our early pattern was broke up ,but this is not always seen in the correct light at the time 'seisan move no1 ' breaks the pattern yet again .in this I mean both the training pattern ,and life pattern .

Singular as a vibrationary pitch ,its pattern .

fragmentation receives in fits and starts ,to see this could be a real starting point for training in the way .

later. max.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2003 11:47 pm
by Stryke
Just wanted to say im` enjoying this thread Max , great stuff to contemplate


I have met lots of people who are alert , but after submitting them to a bit of observation there were massive holes in their make up ,normally we only see what we wish to see etc ,this is why we need those search tools ,answers may be thrown around like candy floss at a fair all day long ,but ones own search tools stand out like mount everest at the side of that type of example .
Without search tools there is no real search mode or solving of who we are and our underlying makeup that lies dormant .
The puzzle must stimulate ,provide new food for thought ,break us out of tunnel visions .

*This to me summed it up best , all our learning is influenced by what we`ve experienced before , perspective is a very difficult thing to let go of , Is this what you mean when you return to the foundations ? beginnings ? ,
I try let go of methods so that they become more intuitive , explore things in different ways , I beleive the body and spirit will choose the right variation if the mind has been given the oppurtunity to explore all the possibilitys , the minds work has already been done being allowed to explore to the fullest .

just a few thoughts Max thanks for sharing


PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2003 12:58 am
by maxwell ainley
Strike Thanks for interest in topic .

Perspective ,can become patterned etc ,we are that pattern our life ,influence .The foundation is influence ,but against fragmentation another influence that lives inside us ,can undermine that foundation .
The foundation needs to be constantly reinforced.

The foundation is were lifes fragmented pattern is challenged ,the foundation becomes more our life we start to act think express from it and less of a specific pattern of life ,that will rob us of unity , wholeness .
By taking the foundation into the fray of life we arn't disconected from the influence of the foundation ,for very long periods as a singular attempt is seen made clear on what to do " This opens the way up " when we grasp what must be done ,deep resolve can enter ,this can fully aid in making the foundation active .

In seisan move no1 ,its observed then moved circulating over the foundation ,for this talk a purpose is to find its resting place . in that fashion the observing developed mode will start to feed life ,or that day event etc into the foundation .
Really a bridge is being built first between our foundation and life .

later max.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2003 1:35 pm
by maxwell ainley
1. Sanchin the foundation .

2.Sanchin the foundation a dead foundation ,alive to the dojo ,yet totally dead to life .
The way as not been seen ,even though we think we practice the way ,we can disconnect sanchin at the dojo door ,as we walk back to our life .
Our life is one thing ,but we have temporary lost sanchin untill we return to training .
We are sat in a railway station for instance ,waiting for the train to take us to the training ,thats were we do sanchin .We Maybe alert ,yet asleep in that station to the symbolic shapes that are sanchin ,that have been disconnected ,by our lifes fragmented pattern ,

As we awake to this we open ourselves to endless discovery ,and to further reinforce this concept we have been given massive help from seisan move no1 ,we also need to see this ,seisan no1 can awaken a dead foundation .

max. later

PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2003 6:46 pm
by maxwell ainley
The point I was attempting to highlight is during the start of connecting seisan move to sanchin this could be the start of the connecting spillover into our heavily patterned life .
When a understanding of the symbolic shapes we are working start to also connect to life we awaken in a more whole way ,were if we just relate mostly to the dojo its narrow in scope offering us limited experience which we can believe is the whole .

A attempt to see only fighting motions ,with the symbolic shapes ,we become blind in all other directions spontaneously .
A friend as been trying to change his deep ingrained patterns ,he explained to me he was in the grip of certain things ,and just could not break with them ,and because he did not have a system to help him ,or a teacher .Regardless how he tried he could not change is pattern.

later max.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2003 8:49 pm
by maxwell ainley
Attempting to connect the move to sanchin is a specific pattern ,waking up those senses is also apart of the pattern .
And because we now possess singular the whole pattern can be changed to a new level ,if we observed the onward flow of what is happening ,we would be amazed to see we are waking up ,we are waking to our pattern ,our makeup .
This makeup will be patterned in a fragmented hydra like shape ,and we will defend it ,its or life ,the symbolic shape of our training and new eye opening awareness must infiltrate this ,this is why singular was so very important ,books ,words etc are nothing at the side of this emerging singular awakened characteristic .

Our seeing issues from this singular the more we place value upon it ,in other words make it more and more our abode ,in this way we free our self from fragmented ways .

At first it is natural to take the inclination the whole feeling associated with singular into patterned life ,but at the time no real developed understanding of what is underway ,each part is a puzzle within this process I attempt to describe ,now I see right into the puzzle by a series of efforts that gain increased momentum by sticking to targets not wilting under pressure ,and a massive attempt to remain aware in both life and training .

Attempting to remain aware is pattern seeing .

The longer in aware state the more possibilites of changing pattern .
If we introduce a new aspect it will not make much of a change to us if we slip back to old fragmented deep set patterns .

In old method this is one reason why the pattern was slowed down ,to aqaint us to it ,to know it ,and to inject a combative possibility within the framework for us grasp ,see them make use of .


PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2003 10:43 am
by maxwell ainley
Top priority needs to be coming awake to our pattern ,at first we see some of the pattern ,yet there may be little knowledge why we are this pattern ,I have tried to show our pattern is arranged around our well programed senses that are anything but developed ,or recieve in balance .
Also one or two are dominant ,realizing this fact is a step forewards in a better direction ,yet doing something about it increases foreward momentum ,by slowing down we see the picture .
Now by placing these few facts into slow down mode ,and applying a bit of understanding into matters , uechi-ryu is seen in a different light ,and life is too .

Normally when this is not understood we pour new aspects down upon dominant quick moving sense based channels ,our awareness is only firing upon one or two cylinders ,again we imagine we are whole at that level ,we are are always whole at each level ,when in reality we are anything but whole .

A very difficult undertaking is to take a course of action ,to awaken in all we do ,by applying first of all observation to uncover these patterns .the puzzle piece is a way .
I hold the puzzle piece I feel its shape ,turn it this way then the other I foreward sight ,then back sight ,bit by bit I awaken to it with a application to not let impressions fall one or two ways to dominant senses,I strive I awaken .