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And the Waters Rise

PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2005 8:37 pm
by Dana Sheets
And the waters rise

And the waters rise
There goes the carpet
Better put grandma’s chair up on the table

And the waters rise
I should have gotten the bulbs outta the garden

And the waters hold
Can you hear that wind snapping trees?
Honey – the flashlight, the lights are going

And the waters rise
Davey – take the dog upstairs with you

A moment, too long, of calm.

Do you think it’s passed?
This must have been the worst of it
What a terrible storm!

And the waters rise
I never - the whole first floor full up
I guess we should have grabbed some food

And the waters rise
I wonder who’s with old Mrs. Johnson down the street?

And the waters rise
Oh lord, I wonder who is with me

The window, get out the window
We gotta get to the roof
Well break the glass if it’s stuck
The water is coming

Our home
Our people
Our lives

And the waters rise.

:cry: -Dana