Uechi kick photo needed!

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Uechi kick photo needed!

Postby gmattson » Sat Oct 03, 1998 7:12 pm

A martial artist is doing an article on Uechi-ryu and needs a photo of a classical toe kick. . . preferably in a breaking pose. Please email me if you would like to submit this photo for publication. You will be given credit for the submission. Also, if you send Tony any jpg pictures, we will post them on this forum. There is some differences of opinion as to just what a toe kick should look like. Perhaps we can open up a discussion based on photos submitted.
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Uechi kick photo needed!

Postby moulton » Mon Oct 05, 1998 1:26 am


I have a neat one dynamically going through several boards and will try to find it for you.


Uechi kick photo needed!

Postby Scott Danziger » Tue Oct 06, 1998 2:00 am

There are also 2 pictures of the toe kick in Bugeisha from issue #2 (Alan Dollar's article). One kicking a tire and the other breaking a board. I'm sure you can get permission from Bugeisha or Sensei Dollar to use the pictures.
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