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Postby Shinja » Mon Dec 28, 1998 6:15 pm

I remember while training in the Futenma City Dojo back in the '70s I was standing in the front line to the far right, Master Uechi was conducting the class. He looked over at me and saw that I was looking out the window instead of looking at him. When he asked why I was looking out the window I replied "Tsuki wa Subarashi Des Neh?" The moon is beautiful tonight isn't it? He then stepped over to the window and looked out at the Moon, he agreed that it was a remarkably beautiful Moon.So he stopped the class and we spent five minutes watchng the moon rise between two columns of clouds that were illuminated by its eerie glow. When the Moon rose beyond or sight Master Uechi then resumed Class.
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Futenma City Dojo

Postby Jackie Olsen » Wed Dec 30, 1998 4:37 am

That is a beautiful story ... everything that flows, moves in rhythm with the moon. She pulls on our ocean's tides, affects the weather, plants, and influences the female reproductive cycle. As the moon passes through all of its phases, we are reminded of the light and dark in our lives.

As we begin our new year, she will show her full face on January 1. The full moon is a time to enjoy the fullness of life and the abundance it has to offer.

How wonderful that Master Uechi would take a few moments to experience her mystery. Thanks for sharing.

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