Echos The Tao Nothingness All

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Echos The Tao Nothingness All

Postby JohnC » Sun Feb 14, 1999 6:55 am

Echos The Tao Nothingness All

Zen of living in the now, without conciousness. Reach, hear, be, celebrate, touch, satori ... live ... die ... rebirth ... echos the tao.

Navajo way of walking in beauty at one with nature surrounding within. Eagle cries, rabbit runs, grass withers ... witch wolves spirit, Dinee ... Turquoise Mountain ... above, the sky ... below, the earth ... walk in beauty ... echos the tao.

The Tao of sublime truth that cannot be explained but must be lived as it unfolds. No mind. Brim-filled water. Heavy is the root of light. Ancient, brilliant, eternal ... tomorrow ... now ... echos the tao.

Rhythym of the universe, blisspath, nothingness, joy, ... echos the way.

Samarai way ... walk, yawn, fight, scratch, kill, count beads, death haiku ... echos the tao, echos the way.


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Echos The Tao Nothingness All

Postby Jackie Olsen » Sun Feb 14, 1999 3:38 pm

The Tao is empty yet full,
Sharp yet dull, bright yet dark.

The sound of the Tao echoes into the mountains until nothing remains but the One Voice of love...

Thank you, John...

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