The Warrior Within

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The Warrior Within

Postby Jackie Olsen » Sun Feb 07, 1999 5:25 am

We each have a Warrior who is always at your side and that is the Warrior within. He/She knows that there is always a a life and death struggle to gain the Way of Peace. The techniques of the Way change constantly ... every encounter is unique and the appropriate response should emerge naturally. Today's techniques will be different than tomorrow. Do not get caught up with the form and the appearance of a challenge ... return to the Source and trust in the Wisdom of the Divine.
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Jackie Olsen
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The Warrior Within

Postby joseph » Sat Feb 27, 1999 11:48 am

The whole universe and its myriad forms,
Heavens and hells,
Are all used without hinderance;
Compounding medicines to heal the sickness,
Creating sickness to heal the medicine.
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