Where has Jackie gone?

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Where has Jackie gone?

Postby RACastanet » Thu Apr 29, 1999 12:25 am

Hi. What's up? It is time for a post. I need some variety.
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Where has Jackie gone?

Postby Jackie Olsen » Fri Apr 30, 1999 11:29 am


I've been plagued by a 4-week bout with the flu/cold coupled with being unable to get on the forum. This is the first time I've been able to get on from home. I've missed my Uechi-connections and feel like I'm years behind in the news & discussions.

"When the fishermen can't go to sea, they mend the nets."

I've used my down time to really pull inward and have been thinking a lot about Sanchin, Ki, and Breath.

I've read that (paraphrased) a "chi gung song must build inside each one of us. A song that is real and true, with no meaning left behind. If not approached in this manner (with a song), your time and energy are wasted, and you will sigh in regret and longing..."

What is the song inside you that moves your soul, that defines your dance and gives you life and meaning? "Whether you study your art for health, self-defense, spirit (or all 3), you must follow the song ... or your efforts will be wasted.

In celebration of life creating life...


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