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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sun Jul 25, 1999 3:19 pm

Jackie San:

I think you and Allen had raised questions about the Freemason's involvement in the Revolution. (The American One)

Except for the Notation that "14 Presidents" including George Washington and George Bush, were Freemason, I could find no specific record of "their" involvement.

Three books hold some clues (as do many others I am sure):

"Dundgeon Fire and Sword" a history of the Knights Templars, "Europe" Norman Davies and "Born in Blood, the Lost Secrets of Freemasonry" 1 and 3 by John J. Robinson. (I have not read more than a bit of the 3rd)

The masons trace their origins, in theory, to the construction of the Temple at Jerusalem, or perhaps to the construction of the "Tower of Babel". "No Masonic Body claims direct descent from the original knights Templar" (Robinson) but there seems to be a connection.

The Temple referred to in the name "Templars" could probably be from the Early Temple of Soloman, or the El Asqa Mosque assigned to the Templars as their headquarters upon the fall of Jerusalem.( 1099?)to the Latin Crusaders.

De Molay, an young man's association I am told, sponsered by the Masons is named for the last Grand master of the Temple, Jacques DeMolay (1304?).

El Asqa (the Dome of The "Rock) is also located on the Temple Mount.

"The earlier history of Freemasonry"(who elected their first Grandmaster in London, 1717)is murky'----as an----"underground associations of Ex-Templars, are quite unproved"-----"the most impressive document about fremasonry is its membership list---which includes all British Kings except one from George IV to George VI" (Norman Davies) and Montesquieu, Gibbon, Burns, Suvorov, Wellington, and the afore mentioned presidents.

I assume the Order protects its secrets via "oaths of secrecy" as do other competing Orders To make a point, I cannot confirm or deny the existence or nature of a "secrecy oath" from a "competing Order" technically, of which I am/was a member.



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Postby Jackie Olsen » Tue Jul 27, 1999 3:31 pm

Thanks, John,

for your research. A friend of mine also tells me that an old GNOSIS magazine and the current issue of Arriadne's (?) Web carries an article on the Masons of the American Revolution. I'll see if I can find them.

ALso, take a look at the back of a dollar bill and note the Masonic Symbolism.

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Jackie Olsen
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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Tue Jul 27, 1999 8:59 pm

Thanks Jackie:

Oh, there seem relatively little doubt that masons were involved in the Revolution, obviously George Washington was a Mason and was involved.

Beyond that, I am a bit stumped.

Please check out my topic on the "Phyrric Dance", I need some assistance there.


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