Retreat and Recreate...

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Retreat and Recreate...

Postby david » Wed Jul 05, 2000 12:19 pm

Our martial arts practice is often a respite from our daily life and social interactions. While the practice can be time alone, in the midst of others, it nevertheless implies interaction. We strive to develop courage, discipline, honor, duty, personal power and responsibility to carry over to our everyday living in society. "Martial Arts" can exist only in a social context and is a social construct.

We speak of "mind, body and spirit", but it is often the first two we work on the most, followed by the spirit. And, what of the spirit in our practice? Often we speak of the "fighting spirit..." That which prevails against another. Sometimes in a moment of clarity and humility, we glimpse of the "spirit" of a greater order... Often times we don't because we are engaged in the ego and competition.

My antidote is to retreat and recreate... What is that which existed before and will exist after us? Where is my place in the grand scheme? When I take myself too seriously, I look upon the mountains...


the lakes...


the streams...


and realize that these magnificent things stood before me and will stand for eons after I have passed on.

Some folks find such thoughts daunting and are filled with an inner turmoil... The thought of our ultimate minuteness and transience undermine and eat away at our often inflated sense of self-importance. We push the thought away. We think we will live forever. We push away those nagging doubts, the fears and the dispair...

Yet, if we can relax and let it (the ego) go... we can come to an understanding, even an appreciation of our limited but precious time and place in the cosmos. We can contribute to the beauty, be a spark in the stream of eternity...


Take time... Recreate for yourself the spirit.


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Retreat and Recreate...

Postby Jackie Olsen » Wed Jul 05, 2000 7:56 pm

Thank you, david,

for the clarity and beautiful imagery -- both in words and in pictures -- Reminds me to breathe in/ breathe out ... Spirit is very elusive and not easy to define. You've said it very eloquently...

I am also reminded of this poem I keep nearby:

Plant impossible gardens.
Look forward to dreams. Cry during movies.
Swing as high as you can on a swingset,
by moonlight. Cultivate moods.
Do it for love. Take lots of naps.
Take moonbaths.
Giggle with children.
Listen to old people.
Drive away fear. Play with everything.
Entertain your inner child.
Build a fort with blankets.
Get wet. Hug trees. Write love letters.


In Beauty,


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Retreat and Recreate...

Postby david » Thu Jul 06, 2000 12:08 pm


I like that one too! Image

Ah... Only one day back at work and already the "race" is kicking back in. Image

I shall try to draw from what James A. Keating, a surprisingly philosophical guy (to me because of my own assumptions), said at the Riddle of Steel.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>
We are here to train. But I know some of you have carried your day to day worries to this sacred place (Hell's Canyon -- home of the once proud Nez Pez tribe). If you must, then by all means do so -- take time to sit by the river, on a hill, go for a walk... chill and soak up the energy of this special place.

And, when we go back to civilization and the day to day stresses kick in, then stop, breath, and come back to this sacred place in your mind... <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yet the sacredness is all around us, if we would only take the time to look, to breath in and out, and to let it seep into our pores, our being.


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