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A Letter ...

Postby Jackie Olsen » Sat Sep 02, 2000 9:09 pm

A Letter from the Grandfathers

I am the Tracks you follow through the Night Sky to the Place of your Soul’s Remembering.

I am your Bones,
All that gives your receptivity structure, form, shape and simplicity.

I am the Energy, the light the heat
That pours from your WombFire and through your Hands and healing touch.

The Grandmothers need no voice.
They need not be seen, they need nothing.
For they are Power,
They are Knowledge,
They are Law.

I am the voice that brings the words of the Grandmothers to you.
I am the Music that calls you to Dance their Dance of Power.
I am the Word that flows from your Center and Speaks with the Clarity and Heart that can teach the Children.

You are woman … for now.
You embody Power,
You nurture Knowledge,
You birth the Law.

The Warrior you are
Is the Fire that drives you to Dance,
The Breath that carries the Teachings,
The Waters that Flow from the Healer,
And the Body that releases the Pain of the denying The Grandmother within.

I am your Father, your Brother, your Son.
I am the trunk, the branches, the leaves and buds.

I am all that is above the Earth of the
Oak you Pray to become.

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