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Postby Van Canna » Mon Sep 18, 2000 6:57 am

It was early evening when she reached her house that rose to peak on the sea. She put down the briefcase on the sofa and slowly approached the immense picture window overlooking the beach.

She had decided at the dawn of this day to jog up that isolated place that would have allowed her to detach from the entire frenetic rhythm around which the world revolved.

She slid open a glass and a wave of salty air invaded her face.
She breathed the aroma deeply filling her lungs while closing her ebony eyes.

Down the little steps that lead to the beach, she went . For all Hush that there was, the rustling of the light waves of the sea seemed very aggressive . A cold breeze ruffled her long straight hair which intruded in the dusk like a summer ray of the sun.

She found shelter against an enormous boulder on the beach and, tightening her knees to her chest she simply remained to listen to the noise of the night, of the loud waves, the wind.

The gulls grouped on the rocks like silver stars. Observed from that angle her life seemed to be wonderful; for the freedom of getting to and enjoying all that such an evocative place offered.

But then why was she in that bewitching place alone? Was it of free choice or other reason?

Such question she did not pose but was whispered by a voice from a shadow silhouetted against the feeble light that came from the terrace next to the wooden stairway.

- Alone ? – It asked the voice.
- Deep __ thought she, firm in the same position, giving the impression of wanting to defend from something impalpable.

Made curious, she nodded her head in agreement as an unexpected gust of wind freed a part her face from the long hair.
- Like Always? Why?

Other than deep, the voice was also reassuring.

In a first moment she shrugged the shoulders, then whispered back : - Life is so frenetic. - But quickly wondered why she offered such an answer to a stranger.

May I sit down? Or is this not the moment, asked the shadow.

She smiled before such a gentle approach and nodded in agreement offering the opportunity to the shadow of transmuting into a blurred image of a man.

The image: Is this the reason why you are crying? Because life is so frenetic for you?

A furtive tear had unexpectedly betrayed her immunity. -

At times__ she said__ at times__ and liquid pearls ran down her cheeks.

The gaze of the man dispersed in melancholy far over the horizon in the dusk of the sea.

He was so strange and surreal that she was afraid of moving lest this unique interlude in her world would fly away as an ephemeral grain of sand.

Still not one or the other had taken the first step of meeting the other’s eyes.

__ At times it is us, because of ego, who don’t want to disrupt the stressing rhythm of our lives but also a secure one.

And the responsibility? Where does it lie? She asked, feeling inexplicably drawn to that absurd conversation.

At times it is something we can wait for, said the shadow. We are the ones to make that choice.

Even as this was intriguing, she tried to return to the grasp of reality.

She asked: Why are you speaking to me this way? You don’t even know me!

Shadow__ in the beginning we are all strangers; we are the only ones who craft human relationships and always the only ones who destroy them.

She_ are you always so blunt with people?

He_ I shouldn’t dare to be, right?

Well, yes but….

Don’t worry, I am really harmless and will leave soon.

Amused and intrigued, she smiled by this most unusual serendipitous happening in her life. She was magnetized by the surreal exchange!

She never thought she would carry such a conversation without first the proper introductions, but she felt she knew him somehow, somewhere, someplace in distant memory.

Yet he also did not appear anxious to reveal his identity.

She_ I know that I am trying to find some sense in all this, but why? Could we not live this without a before or after?

He__ And yet you don’t seem to be an idealist.

Oh, no. As a matter of fact my profession would not allow it. Only that life is not exclusively two little hands on a watch never pausing.

What do you do? __ No, on second thought do not answer that question.

She understood. It was clear that they were sharing this moment in time a diamond stolen from the usual droning of the rhythm of time, they both knew that this instant was not born to last forever, and once revealing their identities, all would come to an end, and either one or the other or both would have to fracture that imaginary crystal of the senses.

The man-shadow pushed himself towards her in a long eager stride of want and need, and impulsively extended his hand to the crouched figure of the woman.

She grasped his hand with a passion bolting upright.

They found facing one another__ and a sudden flaming reflection on the sea steered her eyes into his at the same time a mysterious gaze fell deeply into her consciousness.

A swoon, and a muffled cry as she found herself riveted on a strange indentation on the sand with two lines shooting out following opposite directions.

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