This time of year...

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This time of year...

Postby Panther » Mon Oct 30, 2000 8:32 pm

make the signs
raise my hand
open the vein
blood on the land

the ground is red
the dagger slips
that final breath
caught between your lips

powder white skin
do you feel a chill?
chromium black eyes
have you had your thrill?

live for the pain
live for the night
the necromancer comes
what a wonderous sight

beautiful limp damsel
red stains on her chest
a new awakening
a final rest

touched to the tongue
a metallic taste
fills the senses
continue with haste

you are sanctified
there is no doubt
beside me, behind me,
within me, without

ice blue lips
red black hair
share a kiss
if we dare

see my reflection
in your chrome black eyes
flatline calm
the darkness cries

wolves howl
shadows dance
the vampyre's crypt
your only chance

start the chant
part of the sin
say the spell
pay with your skin

a moment later
a sudden breath
a knowing smile
you cheated death

sweat pours
from my brow
don't be afraid
it's all over now

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