A Real Teacher

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A Real Teacher

Postby Jake Steinmann » Wed Nov 08, 2000 3:37 pm

Is one who doesn't care how long it takes you to understand something.

Doesn't care how many people are in the class...only that there's someone to teach.

Doesn't mind being Uke, when there's no one else left.

Let's you know that he isn't invincible.

Let's you know that you're not either.

Accepts the occasional screw up with calm and encouragment.

Holds back nothing...especially not his students.

That is a real teacher.

Jake Steinmann
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A Real Teacher

Postby Jackie Olsen » Sat Nov 11, 2000 3:40 pm

I might add ...

A real teacher doesn't try to impress you with his knowledge or demand respect ...

A real teacher is a guide ... keeps you from going too far off the path.

A real teacher helps you discover the best in you and brings it out.

A real teacher pays attention to his students.

In Beauty,

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