goodbye precious goodbye

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goodbye precious goodbye

Postby Panther » Tue Dec 05, 2000 8:58 pm

it's been awhile
since we snuggled close
i still remember

you sat there
and looked at me with
those trusting blue eyes

then i stroked your hair
and you rested
your head on my lap

i tell myself
over and over again
that what is only proves
what never could have been

did i sell my soul?
do i no longer have anything
left to lose?

i held you close
i called your name
i asked your forgiveness

i cried for you
i cried with you
i cry still

you slept so quietly
never any malice towards anyone
innocence forever
all of my aspirations to an ideal

i swore my sorrow
i swore my love
i died with your last breath

forgive me for being selfish
and wishing you didn't have to go
and carry my love in your soul
goodbye precious goodbye
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