Four years ago today

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Four years ago today

Postby Panther » Wed Jan 17, 2001 8:44 pm

today is the anniversary
of the day

the world stopped turning
the sun stopped shining
the laughter stopped
the love left

the future died

deal with it
he's gone
never coming back
why is it so damn hard to stop crying

for crying out loud

it's been four damn years

don't worry
time heals all wounds

(what a load of crap)

sometimes i think
the only thing time does
is help us get one step closer
to reaching the inevitable ourselves

i try not to take it out on others
the one's i love and care about
but the pain
the hurt
the lose
is just too much
and it's easier sometimes
to vent through anger

yes this is the day
how dare the world still turn
the sun still shine
the laughter echo
and inside
in memory
in truth
the love is still there

and then
this is a day
with a wonderful world
a glorious sun
the laughter of friends and family
and the love of those
who still love me

and makes me look forward
to the future
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Four years ago today

Postby dmsdc » Wed Jan 17, 2001 9:30 pm


While I do not know the nature of your loss I offer you gentle sympathies.

If we did not mourn, how could we ever smile again?

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Four years ago today

Postby Panther » Thu Jan 18, 2001 1:55 pm


Thank you. It means a lot that I feel I can share on these forums without ridicule. Yesterday was the anniversary of my Daddy passing away very unexpectedly. He and I were two peas in a pod. He's always been my role model, my hero, the person I could talk to, and the man that I most respected ever in the whole universe... So, it's been a tough few weeks.

I've tried to ignore it, but my wife knew... While I was being a little less tolerant, a little more snippy, a little more harsh, and a little less understanding of others in pretty much all my interactions, she understood. It wasn't until we talked about it that I at least knew she understood. After that, I backed off of a few threads because I knew my anger (covering the pain of the lose even still) was coming through. (poor Ian Image )

Anyway, here I am again, venting.

Thanks again...
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Four years ago today

Postby Jackie Olsen » Sat Jan 20, 2001 5:50 am


What we don't own will only consume us. It is good to vent and discharge ... feelings stuffed down only make us sick.

It's one year ago today that my Mom died. I understand and share your feelings of loss. It is good to remember and honor our ancestors and lineage. I am struck by how much we've lost by not knowing our heritage.

Blessings to you, Panther ... Jackie
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Four years ago today

Postby Allen M. » Sat Jan 20, 2001 9:33 pm

I lost my dad about 27 years ago, Panther. Lived at the hospital he was in for his last week on earth and made closure with all the issues. A parent will always be a parent even though distance in time grows.

No matter how old one gets, Panther, the emotions felt during younger days never seem to fade, it's as if we never grow away from them.

Whatever they represented to us eons ago even though they may no longer be with us in the flesh, their spirit will always be with us and sometimes even comfort us though prayer even if we are not "religious."
Allen M.

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