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Postby Panther » Sun Mar 25, 2001 4:48 pm

Last Sunday morning
after a long Saturday night
I turned on the TV
to a show called "the Holy Light"

There was this preacher
who said he'd mend my ways
Said he'd turn me to the Lord
for all the rest of my days

As I sat there listening
to the words from the Holy book
I never once realized
that I was about to get took

Asked for a little donation
so he could travel and speak
The poor man was starving
down to four steaks a week

Needed some of my money
to pay for his Cadillac
said his hillside mansion
was just a little shack

He's a Prophet for Profit
and he'll mend all your ways
and if you give him a dollar
he'll make sure that you're saved

And if you give him a little more
he can get you through Heaven's gate
And if you give him a hundred bucks
you won't even have to wait...


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