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Postby Panther » Mon May 14, 2001 6:38 pm

I wonder about these memories sometimes
Why they haunt me so...
I wanna move things, lose things
I really wish they'd go
I hope it will change these memories

Why do they insist on seeking me out
I guess I'll do as I please
to change these things
and put this mind at ease
I hope I can change these memories

I can't sleep
I can't hide
I can't rest
I can't put my mind at ease
I have to change these memories

Where can I go
Where can I hide
How can I sleep
laying awake counting silly sheep
But these memories always taunt me

Like a poison
running through my head
drags you down
'til the mind feels dead
forced to face these memories

Feel the pain
Feel the sorrow
the alarm goes off
it's already tomorrow
stuck here with these memories

Walk right up to the edge
Take the risks, face the fears
Face the memories
look beyond the tears
What will change these memories

Take these memories
take the mental dive
I want to live
while I'm still alive
I must change these memories
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