Things I learned from Star Trek...

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Things I learned from Star Trek...

Postby Panther » Mon Jun 11, 2001 4:17 pm

1) There is infinite diversity and it comes in infinite combinations

2) You should always keep your phaser on "Stun"

3) Klingons hate tribbles and tribbles hate Klingons

4) Romulans are the evil twins of Vulcans and no matter how good you are, there's always an "evil twin" lurking in the shadows

5) There is no such thing as a "Vulcan Death Grip" or a "Vulcan Mindmeld"... with the very real exception of my Momma's telepathic capabilities to know every time I've ever tried to lie to her

6) Noninterference is the Prime Directive

7) The Prime Directive is merely a suggestion

8) It will always take too long to ask Starfleet, especially if the question somehow involves the Prime Directive

9) You can't change the laws of physics

10) The laws of physics are different on TV

11) Having is not as pleasurable as wanting... illogical, but somehow it's true

12) Humans are often illogical

13) Sometimes intuition is better than logic

14) It's best to take some good friends with you when you travel to exotic and new places

15) Lack of information or insufficient data can cause grievous errors

16) Doctors are not miracle workers and they aren't God either

17) When all else fails, launch the Photon Torpedoes

18) The ultimate goal is to "Live long and Prosper"

(-Anon with additions...)

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