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Postby Jackie Olsen » Fri Jun 01, 2001 5:09 am

"We cannot teach people anything;
we can only help them discover it within themselves."

Galileo Galilei
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Jackie Olsen
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Postby dmsdc » Fri Jun 01, 2001 1:07 pm

A woman came to watch a workout last night and asked me "What do you train for here?"

My answer was that for the most part, we train for the sake of training.

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Attn: Instructors

Postby miked » Wed Jun 20, 2001 4:08 am

"Teach all who come, chase no one"

"Why do you think the instructor made it so hard to become a beginner, to try and not waste any vital energy"

These are quotes from instructors I very much respect. In my mind if I have found one student who is willing to train consistently, hard and without complaint then I have succeeded. I have found such a student and I am grateful.

I no longer waste vital energy.

All the best,

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