Ain't life great...

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Ain't life great...

Postby Panther » Wed Jun 20, 2001 4:37 pm

Faced trouble and came out the other side
found the journey fun even with a bumpy ride
learned you can lose most things and still keep your pride
Ain't life great!

Sometimes it's only me and the shadows around the room
Sometimes I'm lonely and feel like howling at the moon
just me and the cats playing with the broom
Ain't life great!

Now I look in the mirror and guess what I see
a long-time friend staring back at me
long-haired and scruffy but harmless as can be
Ain't life great!

Finally learned to cook in the microwave
Had a three-day beard I just decided to shave
You might think I'm strange and should behave but
Ain't life great!

Might go get myself a nice tattoo
then get on my bike for a weekend cruise
maybe take a friend for a different point of view
Ain't life great!

Every day I get more proof
Feeling pretty good and that's the truth
and it isn't drink or drug induced,
Ain't life great!

It's a great day to be alive
I feel the sun on my face when I close my eyes
there's been some hard times in the neighborhood
but with a little luck every day can be this good

Ain't life great!
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