A pitcher of water

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A pitcher of water

Postby Panther » Wed Jul 18, 2001 7:59 pm

I was out the other night
at a local establishment and
I asked the waitress to leave
the pitcher of water.

I'm a big guy and I drink lots
of water. Besides, I wasn't going
to order anything else to
drink and wanted to avoid the usual
dry-mouthed wait for the waitress
to realize, half-way through my dinner,
that my water was empty... and grace
me with a refilled glass.

"I can't do that," she informed me.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because we never do that." she replied.

"Never? Not once?" I continued.

The waitress was emphatic. "Never, ever
had they left the whole pitcher of water
for just one customer. Not in the entire
history of the establishment. It was impossible.
Inconceivable! And besides, what would
happen if they set such a precedent?!?!
They would have to give everyone their own pitcher of water!" Image
(She was obviously distraught over the water...
I thought of rabies...)

"Why don't we try it just this once and see
if the sky really is falling." I quipped.

She nervously left the pitcher, making
certain to push it to the back of the table
out of plain sight... sort of behind the little
"table ads" they have on display.

At first I left it there... incognito.
Then, when refilling my glass the first time,
I brazenly left it sitting out for the whole
world to see.

"LOOK! I have my own whole pitcher of water!" I thought loudly enough to wake
the dead.

I left a better than average tip.

The sky didn't fall.

No one else asked for their own pitcher of water...
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A pitcher of water

Postby nick » Thu Jul 19, 2001 3:17 am


Gasp! You would put the safety of the entire world at risk for your own pitcher of water! Think of the rest of us!!!!! Image

I thought I felt a great void in the force of the universe, like an entire planet crying out at once. Never, ever, is there to be a pitcher of water left at a table! Image

(lol It's funny how the little things make life worth living. Reminds me of the movie "Five Easy Pieces".) Image

With the Earth's very existence hanging in balance, I'm glad you left a good tip. Image

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A pitcher of water

Postby Jackie Olsen » Thu Jul 19, 2001 1:29 pm


Enjoyed your message about the water. It really shakes some people up out of their complacency!

I experience the same thing at a major grocery store: "Do you mind if we use plastic?" -- Someone must have done a survey and found that people find it hard to say "no."

"Yes, I do mind," I said. "I prefer paper." I get the strangest looks and they don't know quite what to do with my answer!

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A pitcher of water

Postby MyosimKa » Thu Jul 19, 2001 9:48 pm

You should see the responses you get when you say you don't need a bag. If I can carry my items out with my two hands thereby reducing my consumption(most important of the 3 Rs), I do. About half the time I just get a strange look. 40% of the time I have to repeat myself as they ignore my request. The last 10% I have to repeat myself several times and I have even had a manager verbally berate a checker for not giving me a bag. Then when I rushed to the cashier's defense, the manager asked me 4 times in succession if I was sure I didn't want a bag. And it was only 2 items!!
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