A Prayer for Healing

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A Prayer for Healing

Postby Jackie Olsen » Wed Sep 12, 2001 11:27 am

This is a prayer from Lynn Andrews and all of the wonderful people who support and work with her and the Sisterhood of the Shields.

September 15, 2001 and the time around that date is the opening of a vortex of power and energy onto Mother Earth. No matter what the circumstances are at the moment, there is always another side and another way to see the reality of spirit and consciousness. Always I have thought that education is so very important -- I have dedicated my life to it. What happened today at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are acts of ignorance. This is why we do our work. This is why we pray and dedicate our lives to the raising of consciousness and spiritual intelligence throughout the world. It seems invisible at the moment. But there is always light that defines the darkness.

Perhaps now with such a tragedy people will awaken to the need and the reality of spirit in their lives. Like in the Tower card in the Tarot, sometimes our belief structures have to fall before we can become enlightened. Sometimes we need to be shocked into the realization that we live on Mother Earth, a paradise that gives us not only our lives but also the opportunity to become enlightened beings.

We have great choice as human beings but now we have learned that we are vulnerable. Perhaps now we will learn to treasure every moment of our days. Perhaps now we will listen to the whispers from the ancient ones, from the wise ones who have walked before us and who walk this earth now. Life is a magical dream that needs to be protected and needs to be learned about. Now is the time to reach out across cultural and religious boundaries in an effort to share what we know to be true.

Pray for the healing of the people of Mother Earth. We are here for a reason. We chose to be born now. Now is the time to understand the meaning of unconditional love. Please join together with us in circle as we send our prayers and light to all those who have suffered. The Great Spirit is with us and with you. From the place of wonders the Great Spirit is to be seen. Pray for peace with all your heart and soul.

Please join us each night for the next 7 days at 9 p.m. (your time) for prayer. Set aside ten minutes of your day for this time to connect with Spirit and we will all pray together.

In spirit and with great love,
Lynn Andrews

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