Uechi and behavior changes

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Uechi and behavior changes

Postby KerryM » Wed Jan 15, 2003 5:07 pm

As I return the classes to our real Sensei for teaching, I received several comments on how much the classes helped our "behaviorially changed" students. (I'm refering to children under 12 here) Several mothers came up to me listing many changes taking place for their kids- changes noticed by other family members and in school grades. Of coarse I was thrilled to hear of the kids improvements, and professed that that's one of those things that Uechi-ryu can do. Wait until they can complete a couple kata's! Just watch!

I'd really like to hear more about these kinds of improvements from some of the other school out there. I'm kind of surprised that more people aren't talking about their own personal spiritual and or emotional growth while and because of practicing Uechi. It may seem to be a rather personal thing to talk about- but karate is a personal thing. We are all reaching out and learning how to protect "our personal selves"

Anyone care to comment on how it's helped them- or mention comments they've received from teaching?

Let's share the spiritual side too- not just the physical benefits!

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Postby Jackie Olsen » Fri Jan 17, 2003 3:23 pm

Many benefits abound from both doing and teaching Karate. I started teaching as an Ikkyu in our own dojo and a Shodan at another. I learned about:
    My Strengths & Weaknesses
    The art of communicating in different terms to different people
    Did I mention Patience?
    Working with Adversity
    Taking it to the limit one more time...
    Etc, Etc, Etc

Because my son grew so fast, I first placed him in gymnastics to help him become more comfortable with his body (he learned a lot about centering); then, when he was too big for gymnastics (and not exactly olympic material) at 8 years old, he started taking martial arts.

The change was amazing in HIS patience and attention/focus. He began to really excel at school and became more outgoing as he gained confidence. My favorite memory is watching him as an 11 year old brown belt teaching a 60 year old white belt! I think that speaks volumes.

As to the spiritual side, perhaps many do not talk about it because it is not a spiritual "way" for them, but more as a physical training way. Sensei Thompson remarked once there are those who work out and those who train. We train....
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Postby KerryM » Fri Jan 17, 2003 5:26 pm


I have been learning the art of patience and "controling the direction of a class" a lot too. All the things you listed. Now I don't think I'll ever give up teaching- espescially to the younger ones.

The other thing you said about the spiritual side- makes sense as to people practicing it as a physical work out- yet- I can't help but be disappointed that the third portion is ignored or missed by all these wonderful people. Dismayed maybe is a good word. The style is mind body and "spirit" granted- you have to have the intelligence to do this- you have to physically learn and work at it- but how can the last part be missed or not worked on too- and have anyone consider themselves a "balanced" Uechika? That end of it doesn't make sense to me-

My thought was that it's too personal to just throw out there- but what you and the other gentlemen said....

I think I'll keep "training"


(please don't take offense anyone- just MOHO)

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