Alternative healing

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Alternative healing

Postby Kevin » Sat Dec 19, 1998 1:01 am

"Alternative Healing" methods have been used in various parts of the world for centuries however in the West, acceptance has been painfully slow. One of the first methods to be adopted was Acupuncture and Accupressure ... Aha! pressure points! ... something that a few of us will be familiar with.

I am familiar with Reiki and hold Master / Teacher level in this art. Also, I have completed the first stage of Seven Rays.

I have used these arts on many occasions from speeding up healing of bruises and other mat work related injuries to helping people in hospitals and am frequently called upon to travel to other parts of the island to work on people with all kinds of problems.

I am very young in the world of Martial Arts but the years that I have been fortunate to study with my teachers have taught me that one of our moral obligations is to help our community much as the Samurai did once upon a time.

I have found that Martial Arts and Healing are a wonderful combination and feel fortunate to be able to practice both.

For anyone wishing to start learning "Alternative Healing" techniques, Reiki is a good place to start. Level one deals with self healing. As with anything else, there are rip off artists out there ... so be
careful and check the teacher qualifications out. If the teacher will not share there history with you ... walk away and don't look back.

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Alternative healing

Postby Bill Bauknecht » Sat Dec 19, 1998 3:07 am

My experience with Steve Benson was a very positive one. His hands on healing helped my pain in a way I couldn't believe it. I don't know about healing, meaning a cure, but the pain almost disappeared. This pain was from bone leisons in my pelvic bone, nothing in my head. I recommend the treatment to anyone, at least try it, dont be afraid of it. When my wife tried accupunture for migraine headaches, we saw the results with people with arthritis who couldnt walk. They were able to walk after xx number of treatments. These are my only experiences with alternatives to this point. Mine was successful, my wife's was not. Thanks for your comments. How's the weather there??
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Alternative healing

Postby moulton » Sat Dec 19, 1998 4:28 am

Hello Kevin.

I have had some alternate methods of treatment (actually tried many things including weird oriental potions and shock treatments, etc.) with little or no results. Acupuncture and Moxibustion to mention two. Over a six-month period of time I have had thousands of needles, stuck into me all over the place, and in three Moxibustion sessions, holes were burned in the bottom of my feet (Very painful, they held me down on these). I'll dig up a few pictures and pop them here. There was a Korean treatment in which the 'doctors' evacuated air from cups which were then stuck on my back for a specified period.

The thing that worked best for me, although only temporarily, was called Myofacial Traction, correct technical term, think correct spelling. Once a week I laid on my back on a mat. This woman placed one hand under my Coccyx and the other one flat, several inches below my navel, palms facing each other. For 1/2 hour she would sit in the chair and almost imperceptively move both hands while maintaining a certain pressure on my lower abdomen with her upper hand. I would often feel a heat transfer.

When I stood up after each therapy session, pain gone, and my right leg, which is shorter than my left from the accident, often seemed almost the same length as the other one. Problem was, that ALWAYS within several hours, the muscles, or whatever had changed resumed their former identity as my right leg shortened up again. This therapy lasted about six months and was terminated due to failure to achieve permanent results.


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Alternative healing

Postby JohnC » Sat Dec 19, 1998 7:21 am


The blending of the fighting arts and healing arts was the "norm" in ancient China. Just as we have divided or specialized the martial arts into studied subsections from the original jujitsu for modern convenience and a lack of time to devote to more global systems, the healing/martial artist is rare these days.

I have found that the more a martial artist understands about healing, recovery and energy transfers, the better the artist. Conversely, there is much for the healer to learn within the fabric of the martial arts. A simple example is for a massage therapist to understand how to apply deeper technique using rooted energy force rather than all upper body muscling, etc.

Allen's story is not uncommon for those with real chronic, deep debilitation. Therapeutic relief from alternative medicine may require extensive intervention.

I could continue, but it's late ...

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