LSD and Strychnine on Payphones?

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LSD and Strychnine on Payphones?

Postby gmattson » Mon Apr 19, 1999 10:24 pm

Not sure if this is legit or not! Sure hope it is just a phoney report. Anyone else hear about this? gem

Subject: [Please be careful of Pay Phones]

Hello, this is to warn every one of a new thing happening in communities as a gang initiation and such. If you care about anyone, please forward this to them immediately so they can learn of the possible harm. Even if you don't read this, at least forward it to people.

Hello, my name is Tina Strongman and I work at a police station, as a phone operator for 911. Lately, we've received many phone calls
pertaining to a new sort of problem that has arisen in the inner cities, and is now working it's way to smaller towns. It seems that a new form of gang initiation is to go find as many pay phones as possible and put a
mixture of LSD and Strychnine onto the buttons. This mixture is deadly to the
human touch, and apparently, this has killed some people on the east coast.

Strychnine is a chemical used in rat poison and is easily separated from the rest of the chemicals. When mixed with LSD, it creates a substance that is easily absorbed into the human flesh, and highly fatal. Please be careful if you are using a pay phone anywhere. You may want to wipe it off, or just not use one at all. If you have any
questions, you can contact me at the links listed below. Please be very careful.

Let your friends and family know about this potential hazard. Thank you.
Tina Strongman
Email - <>
Phone # - 246-3425
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LSD and Strychnine on Payphones?

Postby Allen M. » Tue Apr 20, 1999 4:31 am

Just tonight on the news, George, CNN reported about the vast number of internet hoaxes. Take everything with a grain of -- salt.

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Allen M.

LSD and Strychnine on Payphones?

Postby David Elkins » Wed Apr 21, 1999 9:57 pm

Hi George and Allen,

I'm not sure about the validity of this, but it came to my attention also. Additionally, there is another equally cowardly practice going around nowadays of infecting sharps with HIV and leaving them in places like movie theatre seats and pay phone coin boxes

Yours in disgust and sometimes despair,

David Elkins
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LSD and Strychnine on Payphones?

Postby Reck » Mon Apr 26, 1999 6:20 pm

I don't think that this is legit. i recieved an e-mail that looked pretty much the same (911 operator, lethal needles in seats) just with the names and towns changed.

LSD and Strychnine on Payphones?

Postby Jacqueline Olsen » Tue Apr 27, 1999 1:59 pm

This hoax went around the internet sometime early 1998 ... looks like it's going around again.

Jacqueline Olsen

LSD and Strychnine on Payphones?

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Apr 29, 1999 1:32 am


this is a little off the point. I recently saw the chronicle of "The Iceman" not the guy frozen in the Glacier.

I would seem he had three REAL nasty tricks:

1. He was adept in the use of cyanide in many ways; bumping you and spilling it on you in a bar; pouring it on your food; spraying it in your face etc..

So, there is a serious partof these warnings. Mostly he only hurt his "target"

2. He would freeze his victims for months or years before he attempted to dispose of the bodies, confusing medical examiners no end.

3. He would Watch those he did shoot plead for life for a set period of time, then shoot them. If he liked their performance he would let them plead some more.

Sick Man, 80 victims.


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