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Martial Artist get sick, have accidents, become disabled. This forum will focus on how these individuals cope with their condition while staying active in the martial arts and while living life to the fullest. Administered by Sensei Bill Bauknecht. He's been there and doing great! (You don't need to register in order to post here!)

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Face to Face

Postby Bill B. » Thu Jul 27, 2000 4:16 am

I am leaving on a little vacation, a couple weeks back home to Ohio. When I get back, and after the summer camp, I will be touching on a touchy subject. Facing death knowing that it could come at any moment. I have been looking down that double barrel for a long time. When diagnosed with uncurable cancer I realized how many loose ends that had to be tied up before my time came. Maybe I can help some of you, regardless of age, to prepare, to be ready if this, God forbid, should ever happen to you. It will happen, we all know that, but most of the time it is unexpected. I believe all my loose ends are taken care of and it now gives me relief. This subject may be taboo to some, others may feel it is not a necessary discussion for them. That's OK. But take it from me, I've been there, I am there. I live it every day. This disease could take me any day, any hour. An example is the female surgeon who had MM, performed surgery in the morning, collapsed at a seminar that evening and died within hours. Having a disease with an average survival of 24 to 36 months after diagnosis, I have survived for 54 months. How would you cope? How will you cope----some day? Think about it. Will pick it back up later on.
Bill B.

Face to Face

Postby gmattson » Thu Jul 27, 2000 3:43 pm

Whew.... Tough subject many of us avoid.

Ironically, ancient warriors lived their lives with the kind of peace your are now experiencing.

Have a wonderful vacation. See you on the golf course when you get back.

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Face to Face

Postby Mary S » Thu Jul 27, 2000 10:14 pm

Bill, I too wish you a wonderful vacation. I'm very much looking forward to meeting you at camp (you can explain this golf thing to me) ~grin~. Take care
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Face to Face

Postby Allen M. » Fri Jul 28, 2000 12:28 am

I'd like to speak with you on this in private, when you get back, Bill.
Allen M.

Face to Face

Postby Lori » Fri Jul 28, 2000 5:18 am

From a chapter entitled "From Darkness into Light" in a book that has been helpful to me lately:

<blockquote>Wise people throughout the ages have written that we can't truly and fully live life until we have accepted our own mortality. How often, when our lives or the lives of our loved ones are threatened, we yearn for the treasure of a quiet walk, a few minutes in a favorite chair with the cat curled in our lap, an uneventful evening of TV, or a hot bath and a good book. Time and time again we hear from terminally ill people that to knowing they are going to lose life, they find its meaning and cherish each moment of the time that they have. The same insight comes to many of us who become chronically ill or disabled. Somehow the loss of complete health or full physical function shakes us up and our priorities settle in a different order. As we question our future, we learn to live more completely in the present; we give and take from life without assuming there will be a tomorrow and another tomorrow; and we stop taking life for granted and start noticing it.</blockquote>Martha Cleveland

Bill Sensei:
Having taken care of the "details" - may you now have many many moments to cherish in your present. You remain an inspiration to me - especially when I get caught up in the darker side of shaken priorities.

Thank you,
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Face to Face

Postby Panther » Fri Jul 28, 2000 2:09 pm

I'd like to join the discussion when you get back from a wonderful vacation...

Golf? Isn't that where grown men take out their daily frustrations on a little white ball alternately cussing and crying? Been there, done that... not very well... but don't it anyway! Image
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