Believe it or not!!!

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Believe it or not!!!

Postby Ron G » Sat Jun 16, 2001 9:08 pm

I am glad I made some rational posts in the past so you will not think I am completely crazy. I would like to share what happened to me and you can judge for yourself. To regress, on Aug. 4, 1998 (almost 3 years) I broke my neck, was paralyzed and learned to walk again. It left many strange symptoms, but one of the worst is that my body would store energy and my body felt antsy until my girlfriend would touch various places which caused a violent synapse firing which caused my body to jump. Once relieved the body settled down, it took polarity as I could not fire it myself. The Doctors said after two years there would be no improvement, of course they can pound sand.
About a month ago I was at a Buddhist temple learning Noi Gung from a member, the Monk saw me and said "stay for lunch". After lunch he introduced me to a Zen Master who he said has helped many people. We talked through an interpreter and he said from the neck break you now have chronic fatigue. I took 1 1/2 years to get that info from the Docs, he then felt around my neck (light if any touching) and asked if anyone talked to me about the calcium deposits in my neck. The Docs told me that after MRI's, he then took me inside and used accupressure and reflexology. He then told me (don't laugh) to use hot water bottles on both feet for 30 minutes every day. I asked how that can help, he said it opens up the meridians and vessels to bring your body back to homeostasis and would even cause the calcium to begin to break down. Impressed but doubtful I did what he told me. My energy release has been a daily chore and the doctors have not had a clue. All I can tell you is the shocking is almost completely gone 99.5%, (over 4 days now) will it come back, don't know. I have done nothing else different as since I have been tired I have not done the Noi Gung exercises like I should have. I don't think it could be placebo since it is mechanical spinal cord type damage. All I can tell you is don't write some of these guys off as they have some skill although there are many frauds. He would not accept money. I swear this is true. Keep the faith, Ron Gatewood

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Ron G
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Believe it or not!!!

Postby Bill B. » Sun Jun 17, 2001 3:17 am

Ron that is a great story, especially since it appears to have positive results for you. It will be interesting to see what kind of response your post gets here. I hope Allen gives us his thoughts. Thanks for sharing Ron.
Bill B.

Believe it or not!!!

Postby Allen M. » Sun Jun 17, 2001 12:46 pm

Ok, ok, Bill.

Ron, I was hit from behind by a pickup truck at 10:30am on Jan. 2, 1981. If you want to read the writeup, it is at <a href=""></a>

To make a long story short, when I came out of a coma, I was a quadriplegic and was promised I'd never walk again either. When things became active again, the docs backed down and also gave me the two-year discussion. Partially true. The bottom line is they don't know what it takes. They are trained to cut not heal. I was walking without canes after 3 years of an awful lot of hard-headed stubborn determination.

I've done the complete gamut of alternative therapies from Moxibustion to electrical shock treatments. Some of it is pure junk, but some is also genuine. You were lucky to find someone right away after your accident before your body took a permanent set.

For the past two years in a row, I have flown in a doctor from Korea after many years of being unable to get her a visa.

Results I've experienced seem to be permanent. I've had long needles stuck into my hip and knee joints, accompanied by hundreds of other needles, which affected permanent results. They know exactly what's wrong and where to do the treatment without any complex medical instrumentation.

Patrick Dumont, who is listed in the "Eastern/Western Medicine Specialist?" post of this forum peppered me with a few needles in my right hand after I complained about some painful debilitating condition. Gone!

Some ailments are physical while some are other than physical, and a good Eastern doctor can recognize this. The first time I was undergoing treatments, which lasted daily for three weeks, one of the other patients who came to my home for treatments was a little surprise that her only instruction was to read and reread a certain passage out of a bible. No needles, no accupressure, just read as instructed. To my knowledge, it was a while before she followed through, but when she did whatever ailed her went away.

Another person I know very well was in life-threatening physical trouble. She fervently prayed for him with her congregation and other ministers [she is also an ordained minister], and prayers from a half a world away were answered.

I haven't the foggiest on how some of this stuff works nor do I dwell on these mysteries. All I know is that it works for me as well as others around me.

Allen Moulton from Uechi-ryu Etcetera
Allen M.

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