Bone deterioration

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Bone deterioration

Postby Bill B. » Mon Sep 16, 2002 5:06 am

Several years ago a drug called Aridia came out and was a big step in helping to strengthen bones. It was a 4 hour injection for me and my myeloma, some patients with other cancers required less time. It was later reduced to 2 hours. It has been a wonderful drug, especially for myeloma patients like myself as it stopped some of the bone being weakened to the point of breaking. Now there is a new drug called Zometa. It is only a 15 to 20 minute injection and the results have been excellent. Not only does it seem to stop deterioration but there also may be some signs of healing. As with most drugs that do good, there is a side affect. This is a monthly injection and the bad side is it can cause kidney failure. So this problem has to be checked for every month as well. I have been doing well on the drug for almost 4 months. I really don't know who all would qualify for receiving this drug but anyone with a serious bone deterioration problem may want to check into it. There seems to be more and more new things coming out, one never knows, if we can live long enough, maybe there will be a cure for some of these dreaded diseases. I would suggest if anybody out there has a similar bone problem, especially any of you ladies who may be suffering from osteoporosis, (Spelling?), mention it to your doctor. Can't hurt anything.
Bill B.

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