Training under the "rush"

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Training under the "rush"

Postby david » Sun Jan 17, 1999 1:25 pm

While this site was down, I took some time to participate in some online discussions with the blade/stick folks.

These folks share the same concerns about and training for "real life" applications. Though, I think as a group they may be a step ahead (mentally) since they're training in weapons based systems.

Anyway, a guy who trains in JKD Concepts and FMA put out a idea that is novel to me. He said don't waste any opportunity to train under the "rush". Anytime a "rush" comes on, e.g. a near accident, a verbal confrontation, whatever, take the opportunity to practice some moves while under the effects of the adrenaline. Of course, if the rush comes because of a fight -- TAKE CARE of BUSINESS FIRST! Image

His idea is that you can't better learn to handle the rush then to actually do stuff while in that state. Rather than just standing/sitting out the "shakes", work on some of the moves in your main arsenal. Of course, it's easier for him since he works as a bouncer... For most of us, we probably won't get us much opportunities, or when we do, we need to be aware of our surroundings and those around us so we don't appear totally berzerko. Nevertheless, I think the idea is sound.

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Training under the "rush"

Postby gmattson » Sun Jan 17, 1999 3:24 pm

Anyone who wants experience with the kind of "rush" David speaks of, work for a couple months in a bar setting!

Having survived 4 years owning a large nightclub in Brockton I can relate stories of adrenalin charged experiences that make full contact tournaments appear tame.

The main difference was not knowing the rules! Did the trouble maker have a gun or knife. . . did he have buddies waiting to jump into the fray. . . was he just pretending to be drunk. . .

As I look back at this experience, it is with mixed feelings. Happy to have survived and angry for having been there in the first place!

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Training under the "rush"

Postby Van Canna » Sun Jan 17, 1999 6:51 pm

Good post by David ! Something to think about ! Mattson sensei is right on with the reality of ' bars' induced mindless violence ! I was a regular at his ' Celebrity house' lounge in it's heyday , and I can report an adrenaline high /charge relentlessly pervasive in that setting !

I have discussed this point with seniors before ! I.e., a few years back when Rabesa sensei and I had to preempt those several punks from Florida at summer camp { no disrespect intended to the fine upstanding and talented Uechi budokas of Florida} the witnesses to the onslaught reported a trembling of the knees and frozen stupor ! We then worked on the idea of MENTALLY "Rather than just
standing/sitting out the "shakes", work on some of the moves in
your main arsenal."<David >

I believe that even if you cannot do physical moves to " shake the Shakes" , just thinking about /programming your mind to deal with a 'force continuum' concept , is very good training ! In other words put yourself in the fray mentally and program a response ! Also , when in a verbal confrontation , which may lead to violence, start thinking of your first technique , not in defense , but in preemptive -between heart beats - [ take it to him] response action !

Again , the most knowledgeable lethal force continuum elite swat team / seals /special forces / police trainers believe that there is very little relationship between most training and practice , and one's ability to use it in combat ! But look how many of us really struggle with that sobering thought --- < Who me ? But I have trained under grand master so and so , I am a fighting champion and can pound your legs into dog meat > !! Yeah , right !!

Then the problem ' what to respond with' ? As I have previously said , ask yourself this question : All the katas you know -all the 'hidden' techniques it teaches , right ?
All the ' skills' you have developed{?} by attending countless seminars , right ? All the fancy open hand strikes from our katas ; >>>> what will the 'PRIMAL YOU' allow to come up with in the way of technique in those few crucial seconds of the fight ? ---You can bet on your fist closing { your primal weapon } , and the most basic , gross power moves , UNLESS YOU MENTALLY , CONSCIOUSLY INDUCE , A PARTICULAR FIRST STRIKE RESPONSE ! Most of the times there is no time for that !

What you work on in your forms or training or practice , is not as much fancy technique as much as a power concept of < natural > body mechanics { the fancy , unnatural stuff will leave town under stress }, coupled with explosive simple delivery and with extreme prejudice ! < Work with Rabesa sensei > " LOTUS EATERS " need not apply- you may learn to caress and French kiss your opponent in Freudian fury !

Here is a gem from David Elkin sensei : "IMHO
(love that!) technique is probably the second or probably even third
most important factor in a real fight. First being fighting heart,
second being physical conditioning (raw strength, cardiovascular
less important, and ability to withstand hurt which may be as much
a function of #1 as #2), and then only in third place is technique.
My brother Carl was telling me about a famous budoka who was
asked "how do you punch so hard sir?" His response was "hit 'em
with hate...hit 'em with hate." Thank you David !!

Van Canna
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